Community Service Trip

By Monica Soto ’20

Still not done with community service hours? Still, need those 10 hours for the semester? Looking for interesting places that you can help in? Well, students can get five hours of those hours completed. The Sierra Club trip has come back with another opportunity trip for students to help out their community more.

The Sierra Club trip is a  nonprofit organization that is based on nature activity. This has not been the first time that the Pritzker has worked with Sierra Club trip. Brenda Camacho, a junior at Pritzker, stated she has gone to the Sierra Club trip since she was in freshman year. There have been many trips in the past. The permission slip, which students have to get signed by their parents, is very long. There were limited spots of only 20 students that could go, so spots were taken quickly. The students who went on the bus were provided lunch when arriving. The students did not have to pay for the bus fee. This was a free trip that many students went to.

Once the students arrived to Cook County Forest Preserves, which took over two hours, they quickly got to work by cutting down trees. Camacho stated that, “it was very hard because since the weather was cold and rainy.” After students finished cutting down trees, students built a fire so that they can burn all of the scraps that came off of the trees. Once the students had a large enough fire they ate their lunch next to the fire which helped the students stay warm.

Diana Rea, a junior,  stated, “The trip was fun because we got to get community service hours for actually working hard.” Similarly, Ariana Martinez, another junior, stated that she had so much fun because it made her realize how beautiful the world is. She also stated, “I would go again to just forget about the worries I have in my life.” A pro of going to this trip would be getting half of your semester hours finished. A con would be that it was rainy and cold as Camacho stated.

Students are getting to experience the beauty of the forest. Students experienced the hard work. While doing community service many may say it’s tiring, but students are making a difference in the community even if they do not realize it themselves. When students do things like this, they are not only getting experiences in hard work, but students may want to continue and work in a the nonprofit organization like the Sierra club trip.