Community service requirement

Community Service Sheet Photo credit: Gisselle Vargas

By Gisselle Vargas ’20

Students are back in school for the new school year of 2019, and these students are ready to get to work. A requirement for all students to be promoted to the next grade level is meeting each grade’s community service hour benchmark  requirement.

If the amount of hours and number of non-pritzker sites are not met, the student will have to go to summer school or night school to account for the service that is due. If the student does not pass summer school or night school, then he or she will have to repeat the school year. It is in the student’s best interest to pass community service because there is a fee for the classes.

In these classes, students watch documentaries in order to learn about communities, and the purpose this  serves is to make them think about their community and ways that they can help their communities and others in need of help.

Victoria Allen, the coordinator of community service, explained the community service curriculum. She said that during class, students would sometimes go attend field trips and engage with the community, specifically working towards community service.

According to junior Anddy Uruchima, they have gone to a forest preserve to clean and refurbish the environment and botanical fields.

Besides the people in summer or night school, others also did community service hours. Especially seniors, who did the most hours over the summer, according to Allen.

The seniors did the most hours because they are graduating, and in order to graduate, they need to have all the requirements completed.

In addition, the IB seniors need to complete their CAS hours. The CAS replaces the conventional community requirements for IB students.  The CAS hours revolve around creativity, action, and service hours. Creativity hours surround activities such as art and creation. Action hours make up fitness activities. Service hours revolve around community service.  

Community service conveys contribution to a community, and with Pritzker’s requirements, honorable service for communities is reached.