Committed Athlete: Desiree Jimenez

Senior Desiree Jimenez Photo credit: Desiree Jimenez

By Alexis Tellez ’18


Desiree Jimenez, a senior, is a student at Pritzker. She is in the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team. Jimenez really enjoys playing for Pritzker as she has been in the soccer team since her freshman year and even before that. Jimenez stated, “I’ve been playing soccer since I was 7.”  It is not easy being in the team and still managing time to finish homework, but Jimenez manages to finish all that needs to be done and says, “It’s a challenge, a step up.”

It is not easy on Jimenez when it comes to school as she has three AP courses, one honor class, Russian two, collegiate seminar, and choir. This does not affect Jimenez, however, because she stated, “I always put school before soccer because GPA counts on my eligibility to play.” With her opportunity of playing in a match being at risk, she therefore puts all her effort to prioritizes school work first.

Jimenez is not only known for her hard work at school, but also for all the effort she gives when it comes to a soccer match or improving her skills. When Amanda Meyers, coach of the varsity and jv girls soccer team, was asked about Jimenez, she stated, “Des is an asset to our team this year. As the season progresses, she is getting even better. […] She also had multiple games where she’s scored hat tricks. She is a strong, talented player who wants to win […] I’m going to miss Des next year as she leaves for college, but I know she will be successful.”

Jimenez’s passion for soccer is unexplainable as she is well committed in both school and soccer. She does not plan on stopping as she said, “My goal is to play college ball and maybe go pro one day.”