Columbus day is a debated holiday

Many people are against celebrating Columbus day. Photo credit: Lesley Solis

By Lesley Solis 18’

Many of you might have seen that Noble schools don’t celebrate the national holiday “Columbus Day.” Why is that, you might ask? Students at a young age are taught about the “marvelous” things Columbus has done, but teachers don’t tend to teach the horrible things he’s done.

Columbus murdered people, raped many, and put people into slavery and claimed a state that he didn’t discover. The Native Americans, also known as indigenous people, were the first people in America and the first to arrive, but what did Columbus do? He went on a voyage to discover new land and he claimed that he discovered America when in reality he was lost.

Some students believe Columbus should be celebrated and some think that he shouldn’t be celebrated. Alderman Carlos Rosa, from the Hermosa community, has proposed to city council a resolution to end Columbus Day and start Indigenous People day. Rosa stated “what was introduced at [the ] city council last week was a resolution and an ordinance that recognized the second Monday of October as Indigenous People’s day”.

Rosa states that Native Americans have been fighting for their rights for a long time due to the fact that he wants to change Columbus day to Indigenous People’s day. Rosa also states “the mayor and city council officially recognized the second Monday of October as Indigenous People’s Day. The ordinance that was introduced and has yet to be passed would officially notice Indigenous People’s Day in the city code to honor Indigenous People’s Day.”  

Rosa states that Latinos have Indigenous blood in them. “As someone that is a Mexican and Puerto Rican, I recognized that I have Indigenous blood, studies show that upward of 90% of all Mexicans anyone of Mexican ancestry has Indigenous blood. Same goes to Puerto Ricans, about a third have Indigenous blood. To me it’s very important that people have to recognize that history.”

As Rosa expressed, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans. and Latinos and Latinas have Indigenous blood in them. Marc Carbajal, a junior, stated “it sounds like [Rosa] is forcing me to [celebrate] a holiday just because of my heritage.” Carbajal is against Indigenous day because he believes that Columbus day is  something that is already celebrated and shouldn’t end. Javonte Dawson, a junior, stated, “Columbus day shouldn’t be celebrated because what he did wasn’t right.” Dawson believes that if Columbus day were to be celebrated it would be compared to celebrating slavery and what Columbus did to Native Americans.