College team helps parents at junior college parent night

College team helps parents at junior college parent night

By Marlene Betancourt ’17 and Yomaira Herrera ’17

On Feb. 17, junior parents were invited to the cafeteria and classrooms to get informed on  information regarding financial aid, DACA information for undocumented students, and the college bot juniors use in class to find different colleges

At  the event, parents were shown a powerpoint with important information that leads towards the college selection senior year. Parents were given information on the five factors colleges look at: GPA, ACT scores, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and essays. Parents were also encouraged to obtain their taxes as soon as possible in order to get help with FAFSA, CSS profile, and the college verification process.

Shannon Wenck, junior Pre College Seminar teacher, was involved in the junior parent night and helped parents understand the college process. “The purpose of Junior Parent Night is to provide families with information regarding financial aid options for college and the college application process.” Wenck also had some hope for students and parents to get something out of this event “I hope parents and students leave the session with a deeper understanding of how financial need is calculated and what they can do now to help prepare for college financially.”

Wenck wants all students and parents to know about the college process. The students’ future is important so parents should be involved in their college process.

Ana Banderas, mother of a sophomore and a junior student, expressed that the information provided at the event was very helpful because she was able to see how much money her daughter would receive in grants and loans. In addition, Banderas  became more aware on how she can assist her daughter in the financial  process as well as picking the right colleges for her.

To become more informed in the college process, students should be doing more research outside of school and also getting their parents involved. Summer college visits are encouraged because you get a feel for what the school is like. The college team stresses that it is important to gather as much information before senior year. The Noble College Fair is coming up April 12 where there will be 200 colleges/universities.