College Decisions!

College Decisions!

By Guadalupe Garcia ’18

As the clock draws closer to May 1st, seniors are being faced with one of the biggest decisions of their lives. A choice that will dictate where they spend the next four years of their lives, the people they will meet, the career they will study, and the job they will eventually have.

Elithania Franco, a senior said, “Not only is it scary to think that in a couple months I will be in college but it’s also scary to think that I have to make a very important decision by May 1st. The weeks leading up to May 1st are going to be filled with contemplation,  real talks with my parents and siblings, and trying to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life and what school better suits my needs and will help me fulfill my academic and personal goals.”

May 1st. The constant reminder of college and of the future.  May 1st is also known as “National College Decision Day.” A senior must submit a deposit or accept or decline their acceptance letter to the schools they have been accepted to by May 1st to reserve their spot.  However, not all seniors are obligated to wait until May 1st to make a decision, a senior can make a decision as soon as they have their award letters submitted and they have made arrangements with their parents about where they will be attending in the fall.  

Yancy Alvarenga, a senior said, “I do not feel ready to decide what school I want to spend the next four years studying at. It’s not that I don’t have enough information to help me make a decision rather that I think I am scared to make such an important decision. It’s a big step and making a decision is the first step to leaving your high school years behind.” Alvarenga expressed how despite being nervous and feeling uneasy about making such a big leap into her future, she was excited to embark on a series of new experiences and friendships at college.

Alejandro Carvajal, a senior said “I think I know what school I will be attending in the fall. I will most likely attend NEIU. I think after all the research I’ve done on all the schools I have applied to and all the conversations I’ve had with my parents: NEIU is the better option both for my personal and financial needs.  It’s definitely scary to leave behind high school though and start over at another school but it’s something that we must all go through at one point in our lives and despite being nervous, I’m excited to become a Pritzker alumni and a college student.”

The countdown to May 1st is drawing near and seniors are getting ready to make their final college decision. Despite the nerves and anxiety that come as they take the most important decision of their college careers, most seniors express excitement for the next chapter in their lives.