Colectivo Coffee: An unwelcoming coffee shop

By Ashley Medina ’20

As soon as I walked into Colectivo Coffee, I was not greeted by any of the employees. It seemed as if the employees were too busy talking to one another instead of taking care of the customers. Colectivo Coffee is a coffee shop where you will be able to find poor customer service, tasteless beverages, and a laid back setting. 

When I walked in, I noticed that several of the employees saw that I came in. Although the employees did notice me, they didn’t greet me. There wasn’t anyone in front of me, in the line, yet the cashier didn’t bother to ask me what I wanted to order. After three minutes passed, the cashier finally took the initiative to take my order. I was planning on ordering a breakfast sandwich or a pastry, but since the employees were basically neglecting me, I just decided to go with a hot cappuccino.  

I received my cappuccino within about three to five minutes. The top of my cappuccino had a very cute leaf-like design. Although the decor on my cappuccino was pretty cute, the taste of the coffee itself was bad. The coffee was not sweet at all and I didn’t get the option to add a flavored syrup to my cappuccino. Another thing that I didn’t like about my coffee was that it was extremely hot. I feel like the barista could have warned me about the temperature. 

Although the staff members in the coffee shop weren’t that great. The shop as a whole was very calm and laid-back. There was music playing in the background but at a low volume, which allowed people to have conversations or get work done. I really did like that the coffee shop has very long and tall windows, which allows a lot of sunlight to come into the shop. I feel like this feature makes people feel more awake and get ready to get work done. Although I liked the tall glass doors and windows, the door was extremely heavy. 

Even though I had a pretty bad experience with this coffee shop, previous customers have had great ones. A customer mentioned, “My 6 year old daughter and I have been here twice now and we will keep coming back! Each time the staff has been personable and oh so pleasant.” I honestly think that the staff members were unpleasant and were not doing their job. I really don’t think I would go back to this coffee shop in a while because I don’t like going to coffee shops where the staff members act as if their consumers do not exist. I would most definitely agree with an unsatisfied customer who stated that “this place really thinks it’s too cool for its own good.”