“Cloak and Dagger”: A dramatic and heart racing series

Tandy Bowen discovers her powers. Photo Credit: Nayeli Hernandez

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20

The all new Marvel show that aired this summer,  “Cloak and Dagger,” contains a mixture of strong bonds, difficult problems, and superhero powers in order to create an intensifying series. In the series, Aubrey Joseph plays “Cloak”, Tyrone Johnson. Olivia Holt is “Dagger,” Tandy Bowen. As a character, Tandy is always looking for an escape and is constantly involved in crime. While Tyrone, who goes by “Ty”,  is a basketball player, who has difficulty obtaining what his parents aspire from him, he is still coping with a tragic loss.

When the two teens cross paths,  they discover the powers they have and realize that they have met before. When watching the series, one can notice that Tandy and Tyrone do not have a steady bond. One moment they are helping each other and the next they are yelling at each other. The relationship between the main characters demonstrates the trust issues that they have when meeting new people, based on the losses they had seen and the truths they have discovered.

You can also see that the difficulties and the fears Tandy and Tyrone face is what led them to use their powers in a specific way. Tandy’s powers are those of light. She can see people’s hopes as well as steal them. She also has dangerously sharp daggers, which will appear if she concentrates enough.

On the other hand, Tyrone has the tendency of witnessing people’s fears and using their fears against them. Additionally, he can teleport and wrap people in darkness. Tyrone notices he can control his powers much better by using a cloak. Throughout the series, the use of their wants and goals show how the characters choose to use their given powers.

People mentioned that the first episodes are too talkative and do not show much action in comparison to other Marvel shows. Nevertheless, in these first episodes, the show does an amazing job at examining both characters as individuals, making a lot of the action occur later in the series.

  •  Genre: Superhero fiction, drama, action-adventure
  • Season 1: 10 episodes
  • Available on Freeform (television channel)
  • Episodes are about 40 minutes each