Class of 2016 favorite memories

Seniors at College Signing Day. Photo credit: Barbara Garcia

Name: Elmer Cristo Andrade

Memory: When Detention was only two hours and they would let us lean on the tables.


Name: Jason Chavez

Memory: My favorite Pritzker memory is having Mr. Scott as my advisor for three years.



Name: Emily Almarez

Memory: My favorite Pritzker memory would have to be when I met my friends: Chloe Carey, Andrea Johnson, Vanessa Rojano, Nancy Rodriguez, Sheyla Castellanos, Liz Barrera, Zayra Santos, and Odalys Aguilar. There’s not a day when we don’t insult each other, we’re always having enjoying each others company. Honestly, there’s not enough words to describe how much we enjoy being with each other, it may sound weird, but it really isn’t. We always go on adventures and we always end up getting lost. That’s what makes it fun.


Name: Isai Lopez

Memory: When we had our lock-in for the Hull advisory, we had a great time. and it was so great I didn’t even get to sleep. That favorite Pritzker memory will have to be when the football team won the first Noble Bowl. The class of 2016 started as champions undefeated, and we ended our football career as champions and undefeated.


Name: Romario Gil

Memory: One of my favorite memories was when Sadian told Joshua Vega, Fabricio Castellanos, Jonathan Rivera, and I to sleep over at his house on a Friday. I thought it was a bad idea because we had a morning football game the next day. It took a lot of convincing from all of them, so that I could go. I ended up going and having a blast. We ate some real good Chinese food and talked smack about each other. Then we go to the kitchen and, I don’t know why but, we tell scary stories. We started getting all scared, and it was around 3 AM in the morning. When we left the kitchen and turned off the lights, we ran to the living room because we were all scared running like little girls. The hallway from the kitchen to the living room felt like it was a mile long. We started laughing when we got the living room. Then we just talked some more until Sadian’s dad yelled from his room with all his might saying “SHUT UP ALREADY!” After he said that, that put us all straight to sleep. We laughed a little after he that that though.


Name: Gilberto Gomez

Memory: My favorite Pritzker memory was when myself, Alan Lozano, and Esteban Perez sang for the talent show. I’ve never group sang before in front of people like that, it was an awesome experience. We sang the song “Por Tu Amor” by the Mexican band Alacranes Musical.


Name: Evelyn Aguilar

Memory: My best memory is my first day of band class. Mr. Das held an expo spray bottle in front of everyone and said,” Trust me that I will not spray you”, and he walked around the band room. Mr. Das has not only taught students about music, but also about life. That very first day he taught us something very important: Trust.


Name: Jeovon Vazquez

Memory: My favorite memory was in my Sophomore year when Cesar Saldivar’s IPad was playing “Can’t touch this” by MC Hammer during math class in math class and he got a detention.


Name: Nina Mojica

Memory: My favorite memory at Pritzker was when Mr. Pavloff shared his tostones (fried plantain) story to my choir class sophomore year. He had me rolling the whole time.


Name:Stacy Ramirez

Memory:My favorite Pritzker memory was meeting my three best friends. I can be a really complicated person as well as my attitude may not be the best but at PCP I received 3 of the best blessings anyone can ever get. My sophomore year of high school, I met Isael Cruz, Melissa Espino, And Kevin Bustamante. They have never left my side ones, and although every friendship has its up and its downs we have managed to stick by each others side. no matter where life takes us my best friend will always have a special place in my heart.


Name:Diana Segovia

Memory:Speaking to the Chicago CPS Board Meeting about how Noble has helped me succeed and become the first to graduate High School and the first who will be graduating in college.


Name:Javier Huazano

Memory:The best memory was my first Band concert and Band competition. My first concert was the winter concert my freshman year 2012. I was the only freshman who participated in the concert, I got the opportunity to meet everyone who was a senior, Junior, and Sophomore. I made a great connection with all of them and I got the opportunity to become a better musician.


Name:Cindy Medina

Memory:  My favorite Pritzker memory is the first and only time we got nachos for lunch. That moment was truly life changing. Not only was it truly life changing, but it was historic. Historic, indeed, because that, until this day, has never occurred again. I am beyond honored to have been part of the graduating class to have witnessed such a historic event.


Name:Emanuel Gomez

Memory:My favorite memory of Pritzker was my sophomore year it was my last game of the season on a Wednesday after school and me and a couple teammates were outside the classroom being loud and Ms. Lampkins who was Assistant Dean of Culture at the time came out of her office on an looked directly at me asking me for my name because I was going to receive two demerits. In the spare of the moment, I lied to her by giving the name of my friend that was as standing next to me “Ivan Rodriguez” and began laughing in front of her face because I couldn’t stay serious what so ever and ended up receiving three demerits for being loud and for lying about who I was.    


Name:Carlos Ramirez

Memory:My favorite Pritzker memory was at the lock-in I had with my advisory brothers. Spending time with all the guys was a cool experience because we bonded like never before playing sports all night and eating pizza.


Name:William Sosa

Memory:My favourite moment in Pritzker were Ms. Levit and Ms. Brutt cared about my academics performance. In my freshman year, Ms. Brutt, former specialist teacher in Pritzker, cared about my academics and social life. I remembered I had a poor EXPLORER score and I was angry and sad because I didn’t improve. Ms. Brutt talked to me that everything is going to be alright. She tried motivating me that this number does not define who I am. I still got a couple more years to go that I can still improve. I will never forget that moment of what she said and I thought that I was something meaningful in my life that kept me going


Name:Adrian Hernandez

Memory: My favorite Pritzker memory was in world history. The class was given a project to do a rap about what we had learned, Michael Jasso, my friend, and myself choose the Renaissance and as we were working we had to, of course create a rap. We did Monster by Eminem and Rihanna, I believe, in the document we would mess around and create funny raps, in which I wrote, “I’m friends with the pope, he is under my bed.” Michael and I laughed, not to mention this was during class, and our teacher just looked at us, as if we weren’t doing the project, Anyways, at the end we made the whole class laugh by our performance, and I had to leave early just because I had a Jazz Gig right after…


Name: Bryan Lorenzana

Memory:My favorite memory from Pritzker has to be the time I went to Boston with the Jazz Band my Sophomore year. I wasn’t in the Jazz Band at the time, but I still went for the prior experience. It was the time when Pritzker placed fourth. Though it was fourth, it was still a remarkable experience because it was the first time Pritzker has ever placed at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival. The Pritzker Jazz Band cheered louder than any other bands in the auditorium. The moment of intensity when it happened was exhilarating. When we got back to the hotel, we all began to reminisce about how the hard work payed off. As someone who went to the trip just for the prior experience, I still felt good. Every member of the Jazz Band gave a speech, and I couldn’t even talk. Knowing that the experience of accomplishment is only a year away, I didn’t know what to say, but to be thankful that my friend, Carlos Ramirez, and my teacher Mr. Das supported my decision for the Jazz Band, and I found myself in the position as Lead Alto to help support the Jazz Band the following year. The next year, we placed 2nd!   


Name:Raymundo Camacho

Memory:OK. I went to Starve Rock my Sophomore year and loved it. I got to see the frozen yet melting waterfalls in the forest. I met pretty much my best friends there. My group had a snowball fight. We slip down icy stairs, which is what makes the trip the best memory. We had to go up one of the steep and icy stairs and well it was hard. The stairs were simply ice with only the railing to let us go up. I had barely made it up when I look back and see my friend Gerardo coming up. He hadn’t made it far when he slipped. Next thing I knew was he was on his back sliding down almost hitting his privates. It was hilarious since no one knows how or why he fell ON HIS BACK. We still tease him about it to this day.


Name:Jennifer Lopez

Memory:My favorite Pritzker memory was my first cross-country competition. Without the encouragement from Mr. Hull, Mr. Siegel, and Ms. Cassidy, I would not be the runner that I am today. Despite being out of breath, shivering from the cold, and feeling sick to my stomach, I overcame my fear of running.


Name:Angelique Rivera

Memory: My favorite memory is the events and being apart of the team. Football games were my favorite, being on the field with the guys and just being together as a family was super meaningful, and I will always treasure those moments.