Class of 2010 alumni getting married

Engagement photo

By Lesley Solis ’18

On Nov. 4, Noe Brito and Rosa Mathis, 2010 Pritzker graduates, became engaged at the Pritzker gym after an eight year long relationship. Being in a relationship for so long will have ups and downs that will have to be manageable. Mathis and Brito will be getting married November 2017.

Alumni coordinator Liam Lawson graduated with Brito and Mathis in 2010. Lawson stated that Brito and Mathis were always together during their high school years. They did things every couple would do at school. Liam also stated, “ I’m extremely happy for the couple. Eight years later, it’s amazing how they have grown and have come to this point in their relationship.”

Brito had the proposal planned out. Lawson stated, “ Noe told Rosa they would be going to see the Chicago Bulls play at the United Center […] Instead, he led her to Pritzker (she had a blindfold on) and showed a video of pictures they had taken together over the course of their relationship. Once the video was finished, Rosa turned around to find Noe down on one knee with a ring in hand.”

The couple has been dating for eight years from going to the same high school, to going to the same college, and to now taking a big step in life. A couple being together for eight years or more is a rare chance, not every couple makes marriage like Brito and Mathis. Not every love story is like Brito’s and Mathis. Mathis and Brito went through ups and downs and here they are now in 2016 preparing for a wedding next year.

Marriage is a commitment that will join a couple together for the rest of their lives. Marriage is love, not giving up when things get hard. The commitment that Mathis and Brito will soon make will open couple’s eyes and prove to them that one’s true love can be anywhere at the moment  and that  true love can even be the guy one is with at the moment. Love is beautiful. Love is commitment. Love is not giving up.

Mathis stated “I was really in shock. It was a moment that we knew would happen one day, and that I had been waiting on for so long. I just couldn’t believe it was really happening.”

For all the couples out there always fix one’s differences with one another as Mathis stated,  “Being in a relationship is never one hundred percent easy or effortless.” Congratulations Brito and Mathis. Next year Pritzker will be celebrating an Alumni wedding.