Citlaly Leyva: Successful Soccer player

Citlaly Leyva: Successful Soccer player

Who is Citlaly Leyva? 

Citlaly Leyva, a junior, has been part of the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team for the past two years at Pritzker College Prep. Leyva has been on the Varsity level since freshman year.  Also, she is a part of a traveling team: the Pegasus F.C.

When did Leyva begin to play?

Leyva began to start playing at age five with a seven and eight-year team. From there on, she joined more young soccer teams. By age eight, Leyva began being a part traveling team. Leyva also played in middle school and continues to be in the high school team.  Leyva made the Girls’ Varsity soccer team for two years now and “hopes to make it again for the third year.”  

Favorite Soccer Memory 

Leyva was just eight years old when she went to her first club soccer game and before the game, her dad gave her some advice during strengthening, “if the coach puts you in try the best you can, you are an amazing soccer player.” Leyva ended up scoring seven goals in the game and signed a contract to play with Chicago Fire Juniors North.

Soccer Experience at Pritzker

Leyva made the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team since freshman year. Currently, she hopes to make the team again this upcoming season. Going to the Pepsico Showdown is “one of the best experiences, not only because we play with suburb schools but colleges show up to see players skills and even get scholarships.”

“It is not easy to make Varsity, Meyers looks for those who really want to be in the team, give full attention besides school and actually care about the team,” Leyva said. Nevertheless, it is about creating a bond, the girls have always had each other’s back with full support between them. 

Teammates and Friendships 

Leyva has built friendships ever since her first practice with the team. She even knew some girls even before coming in and played with most on outside teams. Leyva enjoys playing with the girls because “they have become like a little family to me and being able to not only play in the field but have our laughs and hang out times.”


      Soccer players can have their downs too as Leyva believes “every soccer player has their flaws and I need to work on communication.” Having communication with the girls when she is wide open and calling for the ball. Another reason is speed, as Leyva adds, “ I wouldn’t say I’m slow but for me, I would love to run much faster.”

Future plans 

     As Leyva is approaching her senior year in a couple of months, she hopes to “keep playing soccer and be able to play college soccer”.