Christmas wear: pjs vs. casual wear

Christmas sweater displayed in Kohls store.

By Michelle Cruz ’20

  There can be a debate on whether people should wear their pajamas on Christmas or if they should dress up fancy. One’s ideal day for a Christmas night is dressing in pajamas and being cozy. Another ideal day for Christmas night is dressing up really fancy: wearing full glam makeup, going all out on an outfit, doing something fun with the hair, etc.

  Someone who does end up wearing their pajamas would have the benefits of being comfortable. For example, Shelby Kendall, a paraprofessional for 11th and 12th grade, had explained she likes to wear pajamas in the morning on Christmas day. Kendall had continued on, “If I [do] go out, I’ll probably wear a new sweater or dress.”

However, Julia Levit, who teaches English for 10th grade, had stated she wears casual clothing. She wears this when going to her mom’s house on Christmas Eve.

One of the questions some might think is: why do people even care what they wear? Kendall thinks people care about what they wear because “[Their clothes] tell others a lot about [that person].” Similarly, Levit said, “I think what people wear expresses who they are, and it shows more [about] their personality.” When someone is wearing something that makes them feel comfortable, it can sometimes lead to the feeling of confidence. Levit had given an example of when she feels confident. It depends on what she wears: “I know that if I’m in a dress and heels, and I’m standing up nice and straight, and have a different posture, rather then when I’m in gym shoes, I feel more confident. [Only] if they are heels that I can walk in.”

Kendall had something similar to say. Kendall stated if you are doing something with your family, depending on what you wear, then it can build confidence.  Kendall continued on by saying, “I think sometimes [it’s worth going all out with hair, makeup, outfit, etc.], especially if you’re going to a party. I think it’s definitely fun to get all dressed up and have your hair done, your makeup done, and wearing a really nice dress.”

Levit had said something similar to Kendall, stating: “I think it definitely is [worth going through the process of getting all dressed up]. I love to get super dressed up sometimes for a wedding or a big fancy event.”

Something people might consider wearing, instead of pajamas or dressing up, is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. Kendall had stated she does not own a Christmas sweater but that she would attend a party that did that. “I think they’re fun though. I think the idea is fun.” Kendall had continued on.

There are many options on what someone can wear for Christmas. It really just depends on what the person feels most comfortable in.