Chiya Chai: Exquisite Indian Cuisine

Outside of the restaurant Chiya Chai. Photo Credit: Analisa Burgos

By Analisa Burgos ’18

Indian food isn’t known too well in Chicago, but one of the best places to get authentic Indian food is Chiya Chai. Chiya Chai is a beautifully decorated restaurant, has delicious and satisfying food, and  kind workers.

The food here is absolutely mouth-watering! The food is all made fresh and the workers try to use as many organic spices as they can. I ordered the masala curry fries and chicken balti pie. The flavors for each dish was absolutely outstanding. The masala curry fries are crispy and have curry spices on them. This is served with masala sauce. The sauce is the perfect combination with the fries. I have eaten masala fries from another Indian restaurant and I have come to the conclusion that the fries at Chiya Chai are much better. The chicken balti pie contains chicken, peas, and carrots. The pie was really good but the only downside was that the size of the pie was way too small. Eating the pie by itself will not fill you up.

The decor here is very chic and modern. It is very roomy and contains multiple seating arrangements. But most of the tables are set up for two people to dine together so going with a big group of people isn’t ideal. The decor is very bland, which allows the gigantic menu to stand out.

Walking into Chiya Chai, I was a little nervous since it was my first time and I had no idea what to get or what to expect. The waiter asked me if I preferred spices or no spices and what type of meat I enjoyed. He got a sense of what I liked and suggested the chicken balti pie and masala fries. He was very patient which made me less nervous.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was really nice and calming. Everyone was in their own little world and it wasn’t loud whatsoever. This is a nice place to come, relax and eat some good Indian food.

One has said that the chicken here is too salty. The chicken did have a kick to it but like the waitress said “it isn’t for everybody.

If you want to try fresh made Indian food that will explode in your mouth bringing a variety of flavors, come to Chiya Chai. It is a very friendly and social environment that you could be apart of!

  • Mon-Sun 10a.m.-11p.m.
  • (773) 360-7541
  • 2770 N Milwaukee Ave
  • $10-$15