Chicago Public Schools’ decision on new Noble schools

Students gather around to protest a new Noble school that should be created in the South West Side. Photo credits: Melissa Sanchez

By Emiliano Alvarez ’17 and Suzette Suarez ’17  


Chicago Public Schools debated on making new Noble campuses on the Southwest Side in Brighton Park of Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, CPS students argued that the Southwest side does not need another school because it will cause more pay cuts and budget issues.

Noble discussed why they wanted to build a new Noble school on the Southwest side. Sara Kandler, development director at Noble, said, “We continue to experience demand for additional Noble seats from families we already serve, and the families that want us to come into our community.” Creating new Noble schools in different communities is beneficial because it helps students become more educated.

If Noble schools are built, they must share buildings with other existing schools in the area, which would be a problem because the schools would be overpopulated. This tension would lead protests between Noble and CPS.

Noble’s advocacy argued that the building of new campuses will not take money away from CPS nor any other school. Angelica Alfaro, Noble’s advocacy manager, argued, “This project will not take money from any other school or Chicago Public Schools and will instead turn a vacant lot that has been empty for years into a vibrant part of the community.” However, CPS will not be proposing any charter schools for the 2015 year until the year 2016.

Chicago Tribune’s news has officially released that the district will not request new schools until 2016. District spokesman Bill McCaffrey states, “The district will not issue a request for new schools proposals until December, and won’t accept applications for schools that plan to open earlier than the fall of 2016.” Officials say charter schools will not open this year, as a result, hopefully new charter schools will be able to be proposed in the year of 2016.