Chicago goes BIG!

The Vista Tower Photo Credit:

By Angel Olanda ’17

The famous Chicago skyline we all know and love is set to change in the year 2019. Chicago is known for building tall and the upcoming Vista Tower is just another iconic symbol to prove that.

Chicago recently began construction on what is going to be its third tallest building, next to the Willis (Sears) Tower and Trump Tower, in late July 2016. If everything goes as planned, the tower completion date would be in the year 2019.  The massive structure is planned to stand 94 stories above ground and five stories below ground. The supertall would be located in the beautiful LakeShore East neighborhood, where the Chicago River and Lake Michigan meet.

The building will host a five-star hotel that will include 192 rooms, along with multiple luxurious condos and penthouses. The cost to purchase units in the tower will range between $1 million to $18 million dollars.  The structure will also include stellar sky decks and views of both downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan. The building, when completed, is going to join the list of the top most luxurious and expensive places to live in Chicago.

Studio Gang Architects were the brains of designing the complex design for the Vista tower. The structure will include three towers combined into one, which would only make it look more massive. The wave-like visuals of the design is meant to reflect the beauty of Lake Michigan. The Architects  mentioned that their inspiration for the design was to resemble a crystalline form. Its geometric shape and blue colored glass would reflect that of a shining crystal.

The massive skyscraper would not only change Chicago’s financial status, but its skyline as well. The tower will pop out from all directions that even people from Indiana would be able to enjoy the view of the new tower coming to Chicago.

So what do people think of this colossal structure coming to Chicago? Saray Landa, a senior, mentioned that she looks forward to this change, “I know our skyline is the best, and this building would be an amazing addition to it.” Others like Yomaira Herrera, a senior, stated they fear heights, but the new addition would still be cool for Chicago, “I hate heights, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is an awesome tower for Chicago.” Liliana Ramirez, a junior, praised the design, “I love the design, it looks like waves and it’s something that would be really cool to see in person.”

The Vista Tower will become one of Chicago’s next architectural icons. Its goal to impress Chicagoans and tourists for its incredible design and height, is well under way. The tower has an official website that specifies its goals and plan for the building. Visit for further updates and details on the building.