Chemistry teacher transition for sophomores

By Esteban Bautista ‘22

After only a semester of school, sophomores were introduced to a new chemistry teacher and are trying to adapt to this situation. 

On Jan. 6, many sophomore students were shocked to find out that their old chemistry teacher was no longer working at the school.  Former Chemistry teacher Neha Singh left her position because she was offered a job outside of Pritzker.

As a result, many students were very upset that Singh was no longer the teacher. For example, Mario Alfaro, a sophomore, stated, “Ms. Singh was my favorite teacher, and she made chemistry really fun to learn.”

 Although Singh only taught for one semester, students felt a personal connection to her. “Whenever we entered the classroom, Ms. Singh gave a really cool vibe and she made sure we did our work. [And] she brought real-life situations into chemistry,” said sophomore Edgar Garcia.

Since Singh is no longer the Chemistry teacher, Sean Smith will be taking over her position for the rest of sophomore year.

Before the switch, Smith was a physics teacher for the freshman class. Smith was also only able to teach the freshman for a semester. 

Smith has told his chemistry class that he is new to teaching sophomores and will need help from his new students.

“He is our new teacher and I think that we should give him a chance to learn how sophomores are,” asserted sophomore Yulianna Diaz.

Diaz understands that new teachers also have to adapt to a new environment.

As a new teacher, Smith has to face many challenges. As an example, new teachers have to learn the name of every student that they have to teach. Furthermore, a new teacher has to be able to teach individual students if they are really struggling in a certain learning area. 

Smith has told his class that he enjoys meeting new students. He also told some classes that he expects everyone to be on their best behavior and not waste class time.  

Alfaro believes that Smith is a great teacher, but he feels that all the students need more time to adapt to having a new teacher.

After a whole semester of teaching, students are used to being taught a specific way but are now being forced to learn differently.

“It is kind of hard to transition into a new way of learning, but with more time I think as a class we will really like the way Mr. Smith teaches, “ said sophomore Lhea Assria.

“Life happens. Adapt. Embrace change, and make most of everything that comes your way,” said Nick Jonas, stated by Assria.