Cheerleaders performance during girls basketball game

The cheerleaders performing when halftime arrived and this is how they started off. Meanwhile, the players were taking a break and talking to the coaches.

By Jacqueline Martinez ’20

The girls varsity basketball game was held on Dec. 12 Wednesday from 5:30 pm until 6:45 pm in the Pritzker’s gym.

Pritzker and Golder started  to get ready and warmed up in the gym. The cheerleaders were getting ready so they could get out to the gym, cheer, and give a performance.

The cheerleaders divided themselves into two groups, and those two groups made two rows. They remained in two groups throughout the game.

At the start game, the cheerleaders were cheering for their school team. During the halftime, the cheerleaders had spread out on the gym floor to give their performance. The song of the performance was “Thank you, next” by Ariana Grande. They all started by bending down on their knees and having their heads facing the floor looking down. Then, they began to count after a few seconds of the song being played.

During the third quarter, Golder’s students,  bench players, and parents were getting loud and started cheering for the players. The cheerleaders started cheering loudly and that made the crowd go crazy. The cheerleaders were trying to over power Golder’s cheering.

Katherine Ryyan, a senior, mentioned how the cheerleaders practiced to prepare for their performance. Ryyan mentioned how the cheerleading team needs a little more practice, but she is proud of how far they have gotten. Ryyan said that she was not nervous because she got use to performing their dance.

A junior Kareli Acosta mentioned, “The dance we performed is from our tryouts. Since we all knew it, we decided to do this performance until we learn another one.” Acosta mentioned that she believes the team did great, and they were all happy cheering for the girls basketball game.

When Golder had free throws, the  cheerleaders raised their arms straight up as a way to create a distraction and avoid the other team from scoring. At one point, a cheerleader started to do back flips when the girls had thirty seconds of break. On the second thirty second break, a boy was jumping really high; meanwhile, the cheerleaders were spelling out jaguars.

The cheerleaders were smiling throughout the game and their performance. The crowd was big and a very competitive game.