Charli XCX: A pop prodigy

Charli XCX: A pop prodigy

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

You probably remember Charli XCX back when she was featured on Iggy Azalea’s song, “Fancy.” Yes, that one song where it was really hard not to sing along to. Nevertheless, Charli has slowly climbed her way up to success by creating one song after the other like, “Girls night out” or “1999.” These recent singles, among others, share the same creativity style, upbeat tone, and uniqueness that makes Charli a pop prodigy.

“The songs that I have released recently are less sort of like classical traditional pop, it’s kind of like experimenting more with hip-hop and electronic like music.” True to this statement, “Girls night out” and “1999” aren’t your traditional modern pop music. “Girls night out” features this 90’s rhythm, it’s  a simple song that’s full of life. When you listen to this song you can just hear Charli’s soft voice basically telling all females to “[hold their] own space as a woman in public with no boys in sight to trample [their] hard-earned peace.”

With a song like “1999”, however,  everything changes because you come to understand that there is no specific message, nor does it suggest that Charli misses that time period, it’s just a fun song to sing along too. So then why did she choose to call it “1999”? Charli mentioned the following, “I just thought it’d be a cool title, to have a song called “1999,” ‘cause I feel like there’s so much cool imagery around that time period.”

When comparing both of these songs you’ll find that each one is different, “Girls night out” features this cool, girly, and upbeat rhythm that makes you want to dance and party with all your friends. And when you listen to “1999” it’s just a burst of  a chill and upbeat rhythm. Deliberately, Charli wanted the song to be fresh and chill as she expressed, “I was just chill. I was seven, you know? Life was great.”

When it comes to producing one of a kind songs, Charli is that type of artist that will never let you down. Her music and music videos are truly one of a kind and unique, and although she is categorized as a pop artist, her sense of style isn’t held back by a category. She states, “pop music totally morphs and changes all the time…[and] I like to experiment on different sound.” Regardless of  what other famous artists are singing about or with whom they are collaborating with, Charli makes it clear that she produces songs that always feel true to her and not because it looks good on her label.

You can listen to Charli almost all the time and find yourself listening to a different song each time. She never waits until her next album to release new music and that means that all her listeners have a lot to look forward to when they listen to pop prodigy Charli XCX.

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