“Championships”: Meek Mill’s comeback project

Meek Mill's new album, Championship. Photo Credit: Jose Roa

By Jose Roa ’20

Meek Mill is back on track. Mill released his new album, “Championships”, on Nov. 30. Mill has hit the top billboards and even ended his problems with his rival, Drake.

The album was released shortly after Meek Mill was released from jail in April. The album hit No.1 on the billboard 200. Meek Mill sold 229,000 copies his first week, and it had the ninth-biggest stream in a week of 2018.  

Championships features well known rappers and not so well known rappers: Drake, JAY-Z, Cardi B, Rick Ross, Young Thug, Jeremih, PnB Rock, Kodak Black, Future, Fabolous, and Anuel AA, Ella Mai, Melii, and more.

Back in 2015, Drake got mad at Meek Mill for tweeting that Drake does not write his own raps and implying that Drake has a ghostwriter. This argument was settled over tweets and song disses.

Artist and fans started to pick a side. Most favored Drake than Meek Mill.

This argument went to a higher level of intensity when many of Drake’s  fans started to buy tickets to Meek Mill’s concerts only to scream discouraging comments at the rapper.  

This argument was finally settled and both of them collabed on a song that is now on Meek Mill’s new album, Championships.     

In my opinion, I believe that this album was a success because it not only contains known rappers as most albums do, but it also contains upcoming rappers. I also believe that Meek Mill was always a good rapper. Now, many might not have listened to the album because Meek Mill does not have the same buzz as he had before.

But I believe that music is music. In other words, every person has their own type of music. As long as the person enjoys the music, they should not care about the rapper’s reputation.  

  • Artist: Meek Mill
  • Album: Championships
  • Number of songs:19
  • Genre: Rap