Challenges of being a dog owner

This is Flores's dog that she walks in the mornings and sometimes prevents her from getting work done.

By Karla Hernandez ’20

Having a dog can be challenging. Many things play a factor in taking care of a dog. Some factors that play a  big role in having a dog is trying to get your homework done, being able to do chores, and getting a well rested night while having to look after a pet dog. In some cases, dogs tend to not be very disruptive and can let the person get their things done. Having a dog is a major distraction when doing homework. However, some students may get distracted while others may not. Angelica Flores, a sophomore, said, “Yes, because I am doing my homework and he wants my attention to play and cuddle.” 

However, a senior, Joshua Kelly, who has two dogs, stated that, “Both [dogs] quiet and usually asleep.” 

Flores also stated that she has to feed her dog often, which is a chihuahua, in where he tends to prevent her from finishing her homework early due to all the barking and attention that it wants to receive. 

Everyone knows the struggles of hearing a loud dog bark either outside or inside of their homes that can prevent anyone from being well rested. Flores stated, “Yes, my neighbors dogs are out at two in the morning so my dog starts barking and going wild.” Flores does not get a good night sleep because her dog is constantly barking at other dogs.

On the other hand, Kelly stated, “They are usually asleep or super tired, so no they do not prevent me from getting a full set of sleep.” In this case, Kelly’s dogs differ from Flores’ because of the different attention each dog wants to conceive. 

Students absolutely dislike having to get up early in the morning. In some cases, pet owners have to get up even earlier to take them out for a morning walk. Flores stated, “Yes, I have to wake up at six in the morning to take him outside so he can do his business and then I have to get ready for school.”

Unlike Flores, Kelly stated that he walks his dogs in the afternoons only because he does not have enough time in the mornings. 

Some people wake up extra early to take their dogs for a walk and that prevents them from getting those extra minutes of sleep. Adding on to that, students still have to get ready for school and morning routine can cause them to be late.

Overall, some dogs bring a lot of problems while others do not. How would other students say their dogs act like? Do their dogs prevent them from getting work and chores done?