Celebrating los días de las madres

Flower's for Mother's day.

By Monserrat Munoz ’21

As time gets around, students and staff prepare themselves on Mother’s day to honor all of the women in their lives. It is a tradition both in the Hispanic and American culture here at Pritzker. Hispanic Mother’s day is celebrated May 10 and American mother’s day is celebrated May 12.

Many people have different opinions on how they view the celebration of Mother’s day. Daniela Ocana, sophomore, stated that day is celebrated in her family to honor all the women in her family and admire all   goals that they have achieved. Another sophomore, Rosa Mendez, mentioned how this celebration is a fundamental part of her life because she gives thanks to her mom and all the women that have impacted her life.

As diversity in traditions plays a big role in this event, many people choose to celebrate it differently. Pricila Ortega, sophomore, explained, “We usually celebrate Mother’s day the 10 of May and take [my] mom out to eat or do something special for her.”

For many people, this event is very important and grow up with this tradition of celebrating all the mothers. Ocana stated, “I enjoy this even because we all gather to celebrate our mothers and las que nos prestaron su vientre por nueve meses [the ones who let us borrow their stomach for nine months].” It is to show appreciation to all the strong and magnificent women out there.

Through  mother’s viewpoint, they very much enjoy this event because it is once a year when they are shown appreciation for all the things that they do as Xochitl Mendez stated. Many mothers appreciate what their children do for this special day. Mendez, for example, does a breakfast for her to show appreciation for her mom and always tries to make positive comments that day to make her mom feel special.

Many people have different viewpoints on Mother’s day and some people do not really enjoy it like Juan Jaramillo stated, “I think that it is not very effective since I am in school the entire day and cannot spend much time with her.” When he has the time to be with her, he very much enjoys it and loves the fact that his mom sees his appreciation.

Mother’s day is not necessarily dedicated to women who gave birth, but it is also dedicated to any important women who is admired and wanted to be honored that day. Therefore, this event can be very special in multiple ways depending on the person and their traditions as Ortega stated.