Yaneet Rodriguez: the famous Shelly herself

May 30, 2018

By Kayla Cruz ’20 Waking up early and getting ready to leave for school, senior Yaneet “Shelly”  Rodriguez can be seen riding her bike to school. Rodriguez loves to ride her bike and considers it […]


Michael Barcenas: The strong and fit

May 30, 2018

By Briana Jimenez  ’18 Outside of school perspective of Barcena’s life: Michael Barcenas spends a lot of his time doing one thing: exercising, exercising, and exercising.  Why? Well he wants to be fit. Or maybe […]


Getting to know more about Jennifer Felix

May 5, 2018

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20 Senior year. The last year of students’ high school days. The year where students do not get as much homework as in freshman year. But although seniors do not get to […]


My BFF is better than yours

April 24, 2018

By Stephanie Solis ’20 OK, but have you ever received a message saying “OMG girl, I have to tell you something” or “Bro, I have to tell you something.” When we think of a “BFF” […]


Getting to know Cindy Renteria

March 11, 2018

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20 There are hundreds of students at Pritzker College Prep. Each student is rushing to their locker or rushing to class. There is no time to stop and actually have a conversation […]


Roger Torres: The Youtuber himself

February 27, 2018

By Kayla Cruz ’20 With an iced coffee in his hand and laughing so hard with his friends, junior Roger Torres can be seen at Dunkin’ Donut almost everyday after school. At Dunkin Donuts,  Torres […]


Here’s to Abril Pereznegron!

November 7, 2017

By Chris Ticas ’20 Oh Senior year! The last year to enjoy your favorite teachers, have lasting memories, and look forward to college. Right? Not for someone. Not for Abril Pereznegron, senior. The senior goes […]


Jessica adjusting to her freshman year

October 12, 2017

By Laura Ocampo ’20 Freshman year can be very challenging because you are not usually use to the new environment. This is Jessica Rodriguez’s experience and how she is going through it. As soon as […]

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