Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Better Than The Rest or The Same?

During a match of IX, zombies, in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. Photo Caption: Christian Sosa

By Christian Sosa ’20

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was released on Oct. 12, and ir includes three modes: Multiplayer, Zombies, and the brand new Blackout, battle royale.

Treyarch developers brings back its signature Zombies mode in Black Ops 4 with three different maps to play. The new maps are IX, Voyage of Despair, Blood of The Dead, and Classified(received through pre order only). IX occurs within a Romanisc gladiatorial arena; Classified transpires inside the Pentagon; Blood of The Dead takes place in Alcatraz; and Voyage of Despair is on the Titanic as it collided with the iceberg.

Multiplayer returns with 12 different  maps to play. There is also an array of weapons to choose from, ranging from the Paladin, a .50 cal sniper, to the Combat Knife, which is just a knife. Multiplayer also returns with 15 different killstreaks to choose from, ranging from the RC-XD, a remote controlled car with an explosive payload, to the Gunship, which is a controllable AC-130 Gunship. Multiplayer brings back new and old specialists such as Seraph, equipped with the Annihilator and has a spawn beacon; Battery, equipped with a cluster grenade and Warmachine; Ruin, equipped with a grapple hook and the Gravity-Spike, etc.

BlackOut, battle royale, is Bo4’s newest mode that can be played in singles, duos, or quads. In Blackout, comparable to any other battle royale, you have to run around to find equipment or kill the enemy and take theirs. There are atvs, trucks, boats, or helicopters that can be used to navigate the map. Like all other BRs, there is a zone that comes in to force the players closer together as the game progresses and it will deal damage if the player gets stuck inside it.

Similar to bo3 zombies, bo4 allows you to level up your weapons to gain new attachments and camos for your guns, but in bo4 create-a-class is available which allows you to choose your own setup. You can choose four elixirs, which provide a buff to your character ranging from being ignored by all zombies for 30 seconds to keeping your perks even if you go down. You can choose four perks out of the 13 available ranging from Stamin-Up, which allows you to sprint faster and for longer, to Mule-kick, allows you to hold three instead of two weapons.

In Bo4 Healing is no longer automatic, and it is now regained manually. Shotguns are no longer primary weapons, instead Shotguns are now secondaries. There is also  Blackmarket(provides player with camos, emotes, gun variants, etc.) that works similar to the tier level system of Fortnite, but the Blackmarket does not require payment to gain access to. In Zombies that max health is now 200 health and the Gobblegum of Bo3 has been replaced with Elixirs that can be used indefinitely, but has a recharge time before each use. Perks are no longer all in the map, but instead you choose four perks that you would like through create-a-class, and the last perk comes with a buff once all four perks are obtained.

One issue some people, myself included, have with Bo4 is that Zombie matches will crash/blue-screen a lot or a player who is host will end the game for no reason. In Bo4 multiplayer a few weapons are stronger than others, making it hard to have or play with variation.

  • ESRB rating: M
  • Costs 60 usd
  • Developed by Treyarch
  • On Ps4, Xbox 1, and PC