Caitlyn Jenner: Is she worthy of all the attention she’s getting?

By Cristian Castillo ’17 & Stephanie Valencia ’17

Side: Should

Caitlyn Jenner should get all the media attention. Ever since she has decided to become Caitlyn, issues of transgender have become more prominent. She has opened the door for other transgender people to be open about who they are.

Caitlyn Jenner is a major spokeswoman for the transgender community. According to USA Today, Caitlyn Jenner said that she is overwhelmed with what the transgender community goes through each and everyday. She also states that it terrifies her because she does not think she can live up to being a role model for the transgender community. Even though some members of the community disagree with all the attention she is getting, she has shone some light onto the issues of transgender people by talking about it on television shows.

Despite having money to do a bunch of plastic surgery and to go buy expensive clothes, she goes through criticism everyday. She does receive hate just like every other transgender person. Not everyone is fond of her according to her instagram posts.

She does get threats. Not only is the hate from a few people but from a majority of people from around the world.

Having her transition publicized on television is something tough because what she’s going through is very private, but she is embracing who she is and should not be getting any hate for it.

All in all, Caitlyn has come a long way from where she has started. She does deserve all the media attention she is getting because her transition is a big deal, and it is the first to be publicized to such an extent.

Side: Should not

Caitlyn Jenner should not receive all the media attention she has gotten. Yes, she can relate to many other people who have gone through the transgender process, but Jenner cannot fully relate to other people’s emotional experience through the actual transgender process.

Some may argue that Jenner can relate to others’ emotional experiences with transgender, but that is only partially right. Yes, Jenner can relate to the actual changing process, but can she relate to the great number of people who cannot financially go through the transgender process? Jenner cannot relate to  people who do not match her financial standing because she never had to struggle with waiting to become who she believed she was. Jenner had the luxury to right away get surgeries in order to become a woman; on the other hand, most people aren’t as financially capable to become the gender they are most comfortable as.

Jenner is receiving so much media attention, but if she’s getting so much attention, shouldn’t every other person who’s become transgender get the same attention? Unfortunately, a majority of people who want to change their gender usually have a difficult time getting accepted by the people around them. Did Jenner have a difficult time getting accepted by people? No, Jenner got widely accepted by most people very quickly, but what makes her any different from those who want to change their gender?

Jenner received a courage award earlier this year for admitting to the public she was going to become a transgender woman. Was it courageous of her to do that? Yes, but was her coming out any different from anybody else’s coming out? No, not at all.

Jenner had it made when she came out because of her fame and money, which, for most people, is not the case whatsoever. She didn’t have to go through what most people who have become transgender go through; therefore, she does not deserve to have all this media attention, nor does she deserve to be a spokeswoman for the transgender community.