Cafe Con Leche: Sweetness in the air

The breaded chicken, rice, beans, plantains, and lettuce I ordered. Photo Credit: Diana Gomez

By Diana Gomez ’19

Cafe Con Leche is a restaurant known for its rich Latin meals. Located in Logan Square, it is the perfect spot for brunch or dinner. Though Cafe Con Leche provides welcoming services and a variety of food, it does lack enjoyable decorations.

Walking into Cafe Con Leche, I was greeted with warm smiles from the waiters. Once I was seated, the waiter gave me time to order, but he did not rush me. Instead, the waiter encouraged me to take my time in browsing the menu. Though I already knew what I wanted to order, it was nice to know that I would not be rushed. Once my food arrived, the waiter would periodically check in to make sure everything was okay and to serve more water. The service was perfect as I was given space, comfortable, and well accommodated.

While I was at Cafe Con Leche, I ordered breaded chicken, which came with a side of rice, beans, plantains, and lettuce. The mouth watering, breaded chicken was hot at first, but after it cooled off, it was easy to cut through since it was so soft. The different salsas offered by Cafe Con Leche made the chicken taste even better. I had never tasted black beans, but after eating it here, I might have even become a fan of them. In addition to my meal, I also ordered their signature Cafe Con Leche. As soon as the waiter brought the coffee (cafe con leche), you could see the steam coming off of it, but once it cooled down, it was impossible to put the large mug down. The coffee even had a nice design on the top. This coffee was the perfect thing to drink after finishing my meal.

Inside this dimly lit restaurant, there is little to no decorations, which I did find pretty disappointing. I hoped to see cool wall art or hanging decorations, but Cafe Con Leche, instead, had TV’s hanging on the walls. Even though it was pretty sad that there was little art, Cafe Con Leche made up for it with the music they played. Through the speakers, different types of music ranging from bachata to reggaeton was playing.

Some critics argue that with the way Cafe Con Leche gets packed, it is not worth the wait. Though I do agree that this restaurant can get annoyingly packed, I never regret waiting. The quality of the food and service makes it all worth it.

  • Address: 2714 N. Milwaukee Ave
  • Phone number: (773) 289-4274
  • Open all days of the week