C.C. Ferns: A great restaurant for an amazing  start to your day

The caramel latte and the coconut glazed donut at C.C. Ferns. Photo Credit: Ashley Medina

By Ashley Medina ’20

C.C. Ferns is a unique restaurant with passable service, incredible food, and an interesting atmosphere.

As soon as I walked into C.C Ferns, I was greeted by the barista. The smell of freshly brewed coffee was all over the air. The decor made me feel like I had just walked outside of the city and into the forest.

To place my order, I had to walk up to the counter. Since it was my first time at C.C Ferns, I was unsure on what to get. I asked the barista what type of donuts C.C. Ferns has because the donuts were not labeled. He seemed to have gotten upset by my question. After he told me what flavors were available, I said thanks. After a couple of seconds, the barista’s tone changed into a more relaxed one. Once the barista began to make my order, I noticed that he took his time with the details that went into making my latte.

I ordered a caramel latte and a coconut glazed doughnut. My latte had the cutest design. The latte  had a very detailed white and brown leaf made out of foam. Overall, the latte was sweet and not hot enough for my liking. The doughnut that I got was also really sweet but it was amazing. I loved how the doughnut was covered with pieces of coconut. The glaze on the coconut slowly melted in my mouth, in every bite. I love how soft and somewhat crunchy the yeast part of my doughnut was.

As I was eating my delicious doughnut and sipping my latte, I couldn’t help but notice the interesting atmosphere or vibe that C.C. Ferns had. I loved the big chairs that they have by the display cases. The big chairs reminded me of those typical lodge houses that are usually shown on TV. The whole restaurant gave off a relaxing type of vibe. The music that was played was very soothing. I also loved how the lighting was perfect.

A very satisfied customer said that C.C. Ferns has “The best staff. So personable and can’t beat the almond milk latte.” I definitely disagree that C.C. Ferns has the best staff. I think that the staff member that took my order was not kind. I think that he was rude and simply gave the impression that he did not want to be there. Although I didn’t get the best service, I am willing to go to C.C. Ferns again. I just hope that next time I get a better barista. I definitely recommend that you give C.C. Ferns a shot. If you do go, you must try their amazing donuts.

  • Address: 2806 W. Augusta Blvd.
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Phone Number: 773-384-2547