Brunch: It’s more than just breakfast and lunch

One of the meals at Brunch Photo Credit:

By: Starr Lewis ’18

Brunch means breakfast and lunch put together. It also  means a deliciously creative variety of foods on one single menu. As interesting as it would be to read about the word as a whole, Brunch is literally the name of the restaurant.   From its  unique foods, homey environment, and big menu variety, Brunch should most definitely make your hitlist. So if you’re up for a real treat it’s not a trick that you should try Brunch.

Brunch has very unique foods. They put combinations together that you might’ve never thought  of. Their signature dish is the donut french toast. A donut utilized in both ways of a desert and breakfast dish. The texture of the flaky donut combined with the taste of a cinnamon roll fills your mouth. Drizzled with warm maple syrup and fresh strawberries. They melt in your mouth like chocolate.  The donut french toast may sound like an odd combination but it’s most definitely worth the risk.  Hopefully you like combining things with your favorite meats and cheeses because that is what their famous breakfast skillet is all about. Build your own skillet and put up to as many fillings as you want to please your appetite. Warm scrambled eggs and potatoes melted over cheeses with your choice of meat and vegetables. Look at that, you just built a skillet in your mind, now take that image to the restaurant.

What makes your morning brunch even better than donut french toast and a man made choice skillet? Being at home. Well,  you’re not physically at home but the atmosphere and vibe at Brunch makes you feel that way. The entire staff is as welcoming as your grandma is when you visit her for old stories and milk and cookies. The restaurant is in the physical appearance of a loft. Cozy and warm with elegance is what to call it. That has a nice ring to it.

Maybe you’re still thinking about that donut french toast and feel that you hope there are other things on that menu because that just sounds gross. Well you hoped right. Brunch has more than just options, they have choices, choices of variety. From regular pancakes to red velvet. From regular french toast to… wait for it, s’more french toast. Mind blown.

  • 644 N Orleans St  Chicago, IL
  • Monday- Friday  7 a.m- 3 p.m and Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.
  • $$