Brick Breaker Quest: A glowing experience

By Dulce Zagal ’20

This game requires you to break square shapes that has a number labeled inside the shape. The number  means the amount of times you have to hit the square to break it, and there are only a certain amount of balls you get to break all the squares that are given. This game app is referred to as Brick Breaker Quest. A Brick Breaker Quest is a fun puzzle game that has an outstanding background, free of payment, and has challenging levels.

A Brick Breaker Quest has a unique background that people would like to have in other games. The background of this game is full of neon colors that glow. However, the background is the squares that are required to break to move on to the level. When shooting the balls out, the balls that line up to hit as many squares as possible, glow. Additionally, once you are at the beginning of choosing the level you left off, each of it is surrounded by neon colors. The level that you left off shines rapidly.  

Unlike many other similar games that require you to pay a certain amount of money, the app game is free of payment. Also, some of these games may be low quality yet have similar items to the game that is free. In Brick Breaker Quest, certain objects can be bought if the game user desires but is not required. These objects includes a pack with energy boosts, balls, and gems. Gems  are also sold as a single packet.

Lastly, the levels are challenging. At first, they start off easy, but they get harder as the player advances. It becomes more of a challenge when you run out of balls to destroy each square number. The amount of levels that this game has is 3000. If you want to play a level that is higher and harder, you are required to pass it first. If you are trying to play a level, it will be locked until it has been passed. This game may suggest what would be the correct direction you can throw the balls to hit as many squares as possible.

Some game app users mention that the game has too many ads such as this user stated, “The game could be fun but the trajectory angle the target shows you is Never where the ball goes! Frustrating! Too many ads.” As a game user, the game does not have many ads. There may be many ads due to wanting to have more gems. If those ads do appear, they are to get the game users to be interested in other games.

  • Review: 4.5 of 5
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Price: Free
  • Seller: Mobirix
  • Available: Google Play and Apple App store
Levels that are passed light up and the levels that are gray, still need to be passed. 
Photo Credit: Dulce Zagal