Breathe, relax, and balance your life

Students in Yoga Club doing child's pose. Photo Credit: Estrella Mendoza

 By Estrella Mendoza ’17

As the students walk into classroom 104  every Wednesday after school,  they enter a room  full of relaxation and calmness. Once the doors are closed, their stress begins to disappear little by little as they begin to practice their exercise of the day. Every member of the club is dressed in comfortable clothes with no shoes on. Yes, you read that right in Yoga you can actually take off your shoes without a non judgemental environment.

But what is Yoga really about. Is it only for relaxation? The answer is no. There is not a specific topic for Yoga. There is  Yoga for relaxation, bad mood, weight loss, etc. Yoga helps you in many ways. For example, it helps you with your flexibility and body strength.The fun part is that Yoga is open to everyone not only for those that can touch their toes

According to Carmen Reyes, a member of the club, “[her] favorite thing about Yoga is that there is no limits. There is Yoga for everything.”

But how exactly does the club work? Well, it all depends on the mood the students are in. Tiffany Pahnke, the instructor, asks for suggestions, and the topic that obtains the most votes is the one that the  students practice. The students watch videos on that topic and copy every movement the Yoga instructor is doing. One of the hardest thing to do is to balance yourself. All you see is the student’s legs trembling and ready to fall.

Some common poses  students do are planks, warrior pose, downward dog pose, child’s pose, etc. Weird names right? But there are not as hard as they sound like.  As the video finishes, the students don’t want to get up from the floor. They don’t want to lose the relaxation they have  obtain. “It’s like we enter a world where stress is not part of it”, as Reyes said.

Why should we practice Yoga? Well, according to Pahnke, ”Our world is busy and demanding. We need to find time to dedicate to ourselves to ensure our well-being. It’s a chance to take all the negativity built up from the day and just let it go.

Feeling Stressed out? Well why don’t you try yoga. It would make you feel much better.