Bread Basket: A restaurant with decent food

This is a cheese burger from bread basket. Photo Credit: Jacqueline Martinez

By Jacqueline Martinez ’20

The restaurant Bread Basket is located in 4725 W Belmont Ave. It is a restaurant that has pleasant decor, friendly workers, and decent food.

As you walk in, you can hear music, see a lot of tables,  smell the dish soap, and the restaurant had items that were an upgrade from the old fashion items. The music was really low. There was plenty of lights and tables. The restaurant was a little cold. When you enter, you have to order and if you stay, they would give you a sensor that would vibrate when your food is ready, so you can go pick it up. The workers were friendly. One of the workers would make sure that all of the orders that were being taken were right. The guy that was taking my order was kind and would make a conversation. The worker that would take the order was really patient with people when they would not know what to order. The worker would include all the topics that the plate included. You would at least see someone checking if everything was clean and well organized so that way when more people would come in would not see disorganization.

The food was well cooked even though it took a while. They tried to make the plates as fast as possible to satisfied the customers so that way they would not wait for a long time for their food. The food was still pretty warm when your order would all be completed. The plates were a good size because they would get someone full for a really good price. It was a good amount of food as well. The prices were not bad at all.

A satisfied customer mentioned, “Love the place good food, fast service. Parking in back. Clean friendly place.”  I would agree because there was parking, the place was clean and modern. The food was well cooked and good. I would recommend Bread Basket because I would definitely go back and try out more of their food.

  • Phone: 773-541-7762
  • Address: 4725 W Belmont Ave
  • Open days and hours: Sun.-Sat.: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.