“Branko’s Sandwich Shop”: exquisite sandwich shop

The main menu of Branko's Sandwich

By Brittany Silva ’22

Branko’s is a one-of-a-kind shop with a cozy shop display, friendly service, and delightful food.

Branko is also unique because there’s only one in the entire country,  is owned by Anja Branko, who some customers call “Mama.” The shop is located right across the Depaul University campus.

Walking into the sandwich shop you might notice the numerous frames with pictures and articles of Depaul University’s newspaper. There’s a medium sized TV facing all of the tables, with many different channels for customers to enjoy. The display of the shop was very cozy and home like. It wasn’t too big or very crowded, which made the place so much more relaxing.

“Mama” was our server, as I looked at the menu in front of the cash register, “Mama” said that she would remove or add anything we wanted on our meal. She also asked us if there was a specific TV channel we would like to watch. She made sure we were all settled in, and if there was anything else we wanted or to add to our meal. I felt like she was very kind. I can tell that she likes what she does.

The food was hot, right off the stove. It was neatly displayed on basket trays. I really liked the french fries. They were not soggy nor stiff either, they were just in between. There’s more than just ketchup and mustard provided, there were different condiments to choose from.

On Yelp, there’s someone that had said that the food was so “poor and the taste was horrible.” I completely disagree because, for my taste, it was very delicious and not at all horrible. The fries were all nice and hot, and the food has its own uniqueness. Their hamburgers are the most unique. I believe that overall the place is pretty good with quality food and a kind owner.

  •  1118 W. Fullerton Ave.
  • Opened from Monday to Sunday
  • You can order from seamless.com and grubhub.com