Boys’ Varsity Soccer lose against Elmwood High School

By Melany Salgado ’20

The Boys’ Varsity Soccer team lost against Elmwood High School by 8-7 on Oct. 25 at 4:30 p.m. at Elmwood High School. 

The weather was offly cold. There were two benches but majority of both teams stayed on one side, which was the left one. The crowd was all covered up with a bunch of layers and blankets to keep warm.

The game started by calling the name of each player from both teams. After the names were called, Elmwood played the National Anthem and everyone stood up, facing the flag, and sang along. 

To begin the first half, both teams had huddled up. When the teams finished talking, they shouted their mascots name, like Jaguars and Tigers, and the game had started. Jaguar boys had made few attempts to score a goal. However, the ball was kicked too high, or  the ball was stopped by one of the Elmwood soccer players. There were a few times when the ref had to call a foul against an Elmwood player, but he either “did not see it” or ignored it.

Towards the end of the first half, the Jaguar boys had scored a goal. The crowd started screaming and cheering for the boys. This left the first half 1-0. 

During the second half, the boys from both teams huddled and were talking about the play. While there was a break, people found the opportunity to go buy some food or get some more blankets. Once half time ended, both teams shouted out their mascot’s name, and the coaches called a line.

During the second half  both teams started to get more diligent. Knowing that it was the second half and that they were losing by one point, the Elmwood boys were uping up their game. They were trying to score a goal, but they ultimately missed. 

A few moments had passed and Ramon Ramirez, a Pritzker senior, had scored Pritzker’s second goal. Leaving them 2-0. 

Being 22 mins in the second half, Michael Barcenas, a Pritzker senior, was injured by an Elmwood player. It took a few minutes to recover from the incident, but the game had to resume. 

Knowing that they were losing by two and there being four minutes left in the game, the  Elmwood boys managed to catch up and tie with Pritzker boys. 

With both teams tied 2-2, the ref added ten more minutes to the game in order for one of the teams to score the winning goal. 

In those ten minutes, nobody from both teams had scored the winning goal. This meant that the game had to go to penalties.

When the game went to penalties, Pritzker changed their goalie with Senior Richard Ramos. Both teams had called five players to shoot in the penalites; however, when all the players had gone, they were still tied 7-7. Then the game went to another round of penalties, meaning whoever scored this goal would win regionals. 

At the end of the penalties, Elmwood won with 7-8. Jaguars were saddened by this lost with it being their last game of the season.