Boys’ Rugby demolishes Noble Street

Pritzker Rugby team fighting through Noble's defenses. Photo Credit: Griselda Jimenez

By Jahson Galvan ’20

The Boys’ Rugby game was held on Mar. 14 against Noble Street from 7-8 p.m. at ITW.

Pritzker and Noble street began off by warming up and running a few short drills to keep warm and ready for the commence of the game. Both teams seemed to have people who came out to support them, even if  it was cold.

When the game started, Pritzker had a heavy defense with strong tackles and sprints towards their opponents. Both teams seemed to have had strong defense and offense. There was so much happening on the field and most of the action was from Pritzker. Even with the freezing weather, it did not seem to bother any of the players on the field. At a point, Miguel Betancourt, a senior, was passed the ball and made a strong sprint to the end zone and scored the first couple of points for the team.

Miguel Dominguez, a junior and new member to this year’s Rugby team, said, “I felt nervous in the beginning of the game because this was my first year playing Rugby, but I then felt like I was going to do just fine and play well.”

With Pritzker in the lead, the game became more intense. Noble seemed to play more on the defensive side, but Pritzker managed to surpass most of the other team’s defenses with smooth and strong passes to one another. Antwine Johnson, a sophomore, had some strong runs and passes and made a strong tackle on a Noble Street’s player.

Again, Betancourt was passed the ball and made a run for the end zone, scoring another couple of points for Pritzker.

There was many of Pritzker’s players who took risks and made strong dives into other players on the field. Rigoberto Santana, a junior, was on the field at the time and made one of many strong and risky dives to stop the opponent from reaching the end zone. Johnson also made a dive and scored points for Pritzker.

Halftime was roughly around 7:36 p.m and the commence of the second half was around 7:44 p.m. Pritzker started off with the ball. During this time, Pritzker started to bring back those passes and were even stronger and smoother than in the first half.

With these strong and smooth passes, one of those passes was right to Johnson, who as soon as he got the ball, ran as fast as he could to the end zone and scored once again.

Santana said, “What we did well as a team was the passes. This is because with those passes that were made, we were able to score more points.”

The game was coming closer to an end and Noble seemed to be losing some of their defense.

Jared Cerda, a junior, said, “What I think went well throughout the game was that we had good communication and well thought out plays to use in the game.” With that being said, Pritzker made the last few minutes of the match matter. Santana was passed the ball and made some strong tackles and scored the final points of the match. The final score of the match was 25-0.