Boys’ Rugby defeated by Bulls College Prep

Boys Rugby is gathering up to start off the game PC: Griselda Jimenez

By Griselda Jimenez ‘20

The Boys Rugby team was defeated 10-26 by Bulls College Prep on April 10 at Speer.

With bad weather, the boys had started off the game with harsh winds. At 5:30 p.m, they started on the right foot. The boys had been told before the game their positions, which should have prepared them for harsh hits they started getting towards the end of the game.

The first try was scored by Antwine Johnson, a sophomore, who felt optimistic, but at the same time unsatisfied, “I feel like we put a lot of effort into the game but it was not enough.” Johnson was not satisfied with the work being put in the game, which changed into him being less optimistic about the game. Johnson had made the best try (point) that no other teammate could have done. He ran from the end of the field to the other teams’ end of the field where they had made the first 5 points.

Styles Avant-Pinkston, a senior, scored the second try, giving 5 more points in favor of our jaguars.

Being Avant-Pinkston first score during the game was amazing and brought up the team spirit.

Communication was the main key during the game. Miguel Dominguez, a junior, who felt that communication was not there stated, “I felt like we should work on our communication in the field more.” Johnson agreed with this suggestion as well.

Emmanuel Velasco, a junior, who also felt like communication should be key stated, “Styles has had a voice through most games trying to help players position better. His communication for the back line has helped the team stay more organized.”

Miguel Betancourt, a senior, who is captain of the team stated, “At the beginning of the game, we were struggling to get each other in place and towards the end, we all knew what our main objective was [which was] to hit hard and try to score.”

Since the game was starting to get rough. Humberto Romo, who got injured, had kept playing after getting a huge scar and bump in his hand. Strength is needed the most during the game in order to get through most of the other team’s defenders.

Betancourt stated, “Steven, Christopher, Frank, and Rigo surprised me a lot  because of the way they lost fear and weren’t afraid of tackling.” Velasco also stated, ”Rigo is a truck that doesn’t let anything get past him.”

Rigo Santana, a junior, who is recognized by his teammates has been really helping out the team by bringing down people in order for them to not get a try.

The boys might have lost this game but overall did a great job on tackling and recognizing what should be worked on.

Betancourt explained, “Yes we lost, but everyone in the rugby team gave it their all, which was very amazing because we hardly got tired and everyone lost fear.”

The boys took an L, but that will not stop them from recognizing that as a whole team they can achieve much greater things.