“Borderlands 3”: An okay game

This is a screenshot of what the game looks like while fighting an enemy.

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

“Borderlands 3” is an action role-playing first-person shooter game. This game was heavily anticipated since Borderlands 2 was released on Sept. 18, 2012. Seven years later, the developers released the new videogame. 

The game itself is pretty bland since it provides a general formulaic form of how one plays the game. It has the same type of playstyle, bugs everywhere, and a good art style.

The “Borderlands” series was one of those series that popularized the loot shooter genre early on. Since Borderlands 3 is a loot shooter, the game really focuses on guns, guns galore and additional equipment that you get. Players can have a chance to get some overpowered guns early on in the game. After that, the player will want more. Instead of focusing on the gameplay, one will actually focus on what guns they can get out of it. This distracts the casual player from enjoying the raw content of the game. 

There has been a trend in which game developers just release a game to the public with not just some bugs, but a whole lot of them. This can be said about “Borderlands 3” since there can be a lot of bugs found in the game. One of those bugs, for example, is when a player opens the hud for their inventory. When opening it, there can be seen some sort of lag when trying to go through one’s inventory. One additional bug can be found when one plays on their computer. Upon playing, the player can experience a drop in the number of frames that they can receive.

As for the art style, it is very different from the art style that a casual player will see with any other game. In “Borderlands 3”, the aura of the maps can be described as a wasteland where trouble can be found at any corner. This may sound dull but after one looks at the art style, it can be seen as cartoonish. For characters, the art style has a sense of comic book shading in them. One may think that this is a bad idea but having a unique art style makes the game very recognizable to anyone that has at least some knowledge of the “Borderlands” series. Now, if one focuses back on the gameplay style of “Borderlands 3” and mentions that it is just very formulaic like other 2installments of the game. The thing about this is that the game is supposed to be formulaic. The third game perfects the craft of the looter shooter genre 

  • Released Sept. 13
  • Rated M
  • Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows