BomboBar: Most Delicious desserts

By Erika Romo ’21

BomboBar has eye-catching decor, outstanding sweet food, and extortionary customer service.  It is located on Green Street, tucked into West Loops’, and it is open from 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. daily.

When you enter BomboBar, you are hit with the amazing smell of the fresh doughnuts   from the sweet bar.

Their decor has a very modern look with a pop of color and lights. Surrounding the walls are small paintings of doughnuts and ice cream. The cafe generates a positive atmosphere, having a homey vibe. Their big modern logo caught my attention along with their many colorful comfortable seats. 

BomboBar is very popular for their big delicious doughnuts. Their doughnuts are popular for their photogenic and eye catching appeal.

BomboBar also serves bomboloni (hole-less Italian doughnuts), coffee, breakfast sandwiches, gelato, hot chocolate & much more. They have a huge selection of food and sweets. The large doughnuts had an amazing taste. I just wish it would be less sugary and sweet because the gelato already gives the doughnut a sweet taste. 

Although the menu caught my attention, it also overwhelmed me. The selections are divided into drinks, food, and sweets. In my order, I included a sugar fluffy doughnut with a side of cherry gelato.

As I ordered my food the worker was really patient and offered small samples of their sweets. However, there were people that were frustrated, as their order was taking way too long. In my experience, the customer service was really quick even when there was a long line of people waiting for their order.