Blonde: A Dark, Soothing, and Upbeat Album

A picture of the album.

By Joshua Marchan ’18

With his second studio album, Blonde is exactly what you expected from singer Frank Ocean. His first album Channel Orange was amazing. It had a perfect blend of Contemporary R&B, Pop, and Rap. Guests such as John Mayer and legendary rapper Andre 3000 really made the album stand out. It is safe to say that Blonde was no different.

It only took four years to create, but Ocean finally released Blonde on Aug. 20. Not surprisingly, the album reached  number one on the billboard charts. It had the same style as Channel Orange except it had a bit more of a sorrowful tone. Songs like Nike and Nights are the most typical Frank Ocean songs. With his soft voice and mellow piano eventually turning upbeat. His sounds are soothing and catchy at the same time. Songs Nike and Ivy both start off their track with a beat that immediately catches your attention. Personally, I knew the songs would be great from the start. Blonde is the type of album that people could really relax with, it has such a midnight feel to it.

In addition, the album has a whopping 17 tracks on it. In case people are unaware, most albums contain 11 to 13 songs. If you count actual songs on it,  Blonde really has 12 tracks. The other five tracks are audio recording about certain topics such as  Be Yourself and Facebook story. Based on Spotify, the most played songs from Blonde are Nike, Ivy, Pink+White,  and Solo.

Frank Ocean has had a fair number of collaborations with Blonde. Famous artists, such as Pharrell Williams  and Kendrick Lamar, have helped write some songs ( Pink+White and Skyline to respectively). Surprise writers in Blonde are former Beatles members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Obviously they didn’t directly help write the songs but Ocean did use their songs and ideas to help create his own songs.

 Some may argue that his songs are too similar but he hasn’t released enough music to have the status. I wouldn’t say that they sound identical, they just have the same style.

  • Reached Number one on the Billboard top 100
  • Music label is Boy’s Don’t Cry
  • Currently only has one single with blonde
  • Took three years to record.