Block-Chain: Simplicity at its finest

A picture of the main menu of Block-Chain. PC: Gisselle Vargas

By Gisselle Vargas ‘20

A game made for a wide audience, Block-Chain is a new, simple game available on iOS 6.0.0 or later. Its objective is to remove all colored blocks. With its peaceful music and simple graphics, this game will be your new addiction!

When you begin to play, you start off with a tutorial explaining buttons and what a block and chain are. A chain is formed from two or more of the same colored blocks. You must then tap on the chain to get rid of it and pass the level to move onto the next one. You can also swap different colored blocks to create a chain, but you cannot swap a block with an empty space.

Also, while you are playing, the game has some peaceful music in the background to help you concentrate. Besides the music, the game’s simple aesthetic make playing the game more relaxing. It includes pink, orange, and blue  blocks.

However, after a few tries at the game, I was forced to watch an advertisement that I could not skip, which threw me off.

Regardless of the ads though, I really enjoyed playing the game because of how simple it was. Although some people may argue that its simplicity might cause for criticism, I disagree; I think that Block-Chain’s  4.8 stars on the App Store corresponds perfectly because I did not catch onto any bugs. I totally recommend downloading the game!

  • Available on the App Store
  • Over 170 levels
  • Three modes: Classic, Arcade, and Zen