“Black Mirror”: Showing the dark side of technology

Two characters from the episode called "Shut up and Dance" Photo Credit: Luis Marquez

By Luis Marquez ’19

There are many benefits of technology evolving and becoming more useful and helpful to people every day. One thing we never look at is if having too much of technology will ever backfire at us. Here is one series that shows the dangers of technology and just stories connecting with the modern world: Black Mirror, a unique and captivating show. But in order for a show to be decided on how good it is. One has to look at what the episodes are about, if the show is captivating, and what makes this series stand out.

In the series Black Mirror, there is not one single focus on a person or a single problem. Each episode stands alone, there’s no overall plot. This is what makes this series stand out. In the first episode the viewer is introduced to a problem that a country has never faced before. It is a decision on whether the Prime Minister Michael will lose his dignity in public or let someone die because of him. It all falls on his hands and what he decides. This is just one of the many arousing episodes that are given in Black Mirror.

Is the show good? Definitely! It not only gives us thrilling new episodes each time, but the fact that most of their stories are all focused on technology or modern world problems is eye-catching to one. The episodes that are released every time give us new problems that could arise in the technology we live in.

The thing that captivates people to look at this series is how one does not need to go back from episode one to understand the whole series, someone could start from wherever they want. Also, the creativity that Black Mirror gives on technology being a conflict to the modern world scares one or makes one overthink if technology getting better is a good thing or something to be scared of. This series gives thrilling feelings to one on what the new next episode will be about.

Although some people might say that this series is horrifying because it shows the dark side of technology. It is not all like this because there are certain events and episodes where it falls to humans decisions not just technology’s.

  • Netflix Original
  • Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • 4 seasons and 19 episodes overall
  • New Movie Called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch