Billie Eilish “come out and play”: What you least expected

"Come out and play" song on Spotify.

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

Sixteen year old, Billie Eilish, has turned the tables! Her recent new album “Don’t smile at me” features a variety of songs that has much attitude and sass with a hint of gentle and upbeat beats. Until recently, though, Eilish has released a new single that is very mellow and soft, shares a beautiful message, and will most likely be in the middle of the spotlight.

Her new single titled, “Come out and play” was not just any random song that was released, but it was “written for Apple’s 2018 holiday ad campaign, “Holiday – Share Your Gifts.” Most would think that because this is a holiday related song that it would be upbeat and a typical holiday song. However, with the fragile and low voice that Eilish has, this song is incredibly slow and mellow, as if Eilish is whispering in your ear and talking to you. It’s only towards the end of the song that you can hear an acoustic guitar and piano work together and give the song some sort of aliveness. However, considering how everyone is so use to having Eilish sing about something that isn’t holiday related, it does feel strange to listen to her sing such a unique and different song. I’ll admit, though, her voice is perfect for the story that is told in her song.

This song is hands down very transparent and easy to know what it is about. On the first lines of the song, it is talking about the idea that you should face reality and “smell the coffee” while also asking what your viewing in life is “ whether optimistic (half full) or pessimistic (half empty).” As you listen to the song and watch the video that comes along with it, you begin to understand that this is about encouraging someone who “hides” away and doesn’t allow their inner self to show and shine right through. The song lyrics relate back to story of the song, “The advertisement features a young woman who is creative but is too afraid to share her creativity to the world.”

Throughout the whole winter months, you will find this song showing all around in Apple commercials and that’s just due to the holiday spirit that the Apple company itself has gotten into and encourages everyone else to get into too.

Many claim that this song is beautiful and authentic; although, it isn’t exactly the type of song that you would want to listen to every day on repeat. Because it so mellow and there are few instruments involved in this song, it can be kinda hard not to lose interest quickly and get bored of it.

Overall, however, I would say that this song isn’t one of the worst songs Eilish has created, and it is enjoyable to listen to whenever you are studying or you are just sitting by the fire with hot chocolate in your hand, trying to keep warm during the winter months.

  • Available on Spotify and Apple  music
  • Released Nov. 20
  • Duration: 3:30