Biggest Pet Peeves

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Carina Lopez ’20

As you are walking down the hall to your locker, you take  notice of a sound. It sounds familiar yet annoying. You listen closely as you follow the sound. It sounds like scratching. You come up to a room.  And through the window, you can see a kid erasing with an empty eraser. You can hear the grinding and scratching as the empty eraser rubs the piece of paper. You feel a chill throughout your body. The hairs on your arms stand. Ew!!!

Things like this are what many people find annoying and cannot stand. This is called pet peeves. What most students can agree on is that it’s everything that is annoying. But what is truly your biggest pet peeve?

Sounds, certain phrases, or words can be, in fact, annoying. Like “Bet”, jumping into others’ conversations (being nosy), “life”, or “breathing”.

But where did all of this annoyance come from? Did this annoyance develop at an early age? Does annoyance just come naturally as we grow?

Sophomore Guadalupe Flores stated, “It started to annoy me when it happened frequently, that made me feel annoyed about these things.”

What are some of these annoying things? Sophomore Stephanie Solis expressed, “I find it annoying when many people are nosy and get into other people’s business. I think everyone should have the right to have their own life without anyone else needing to know.”  Fair point, people, in a respectful manner, should start minding their own business, but what else?

Flores added, “Some things I find annoying is that many people like arriving late in a scheduled meeting, and then I’ll be left waiting for them. This gets me annoyed and sometimes mad. Also, another pet peeve I have is when people chew gum or food with their mouth open.” Some people can agree that this is not only annoying, but it is also very disrespectful.

Diving deeper into the topic of annoyance, what exactly can be defined as an annoyance? The little tag sticking out of your shirt, the amount of homework you just received, or that annoying squeaking sound your door makes every time you open it.

Will this annoyance ever stop? Flores expressed, “They won’t stop annoying me because I certainly know that people are going to do it even though it is annoying for other people.”

Well annoyance itself is annoying. You can get annoyed by being annoyed. It is a very annoying subject, in fact.

Who on Earth would want to recall or talk about every single little thing they find annoying. They are annoying for a reason and they simply should not be mentioned!

Well, that is the problem when will something not ever be annoying?