Best Fiends: Cute but not so cute

The top are events that are happening during the holidays; however, the levels that are passed light up and the ones that haven't been passed are dark grey. Photo Credit: Dulce Zagal

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Are you interested in a game that gives you funny looking characters? Have little interruption of ads? Well, “Best Fiends” is just the right one for you. This game app offers you new fiends and slugs (characters), a colorful background, and has daily gifts.

At the beginning of the first level, one fiend is given to fight off slugs, which are also characters that need to be defeated. In the first couple of easy levels, one fiend is chosen to defeat the slugs in those levels. When the levels start to get harder, new fiends are added. In addition, slugs are also added when the new fiends are given. Going on to harder levels, the fiends have to be leveled up to have stronger power and defeat the harder slugs.

Some game apps do not have color that surrounds the game, some are black and only include certain colors. “Best Fiends” offers you varieties of colors. In the beginning, you start off by one color only. As you move up levels, new colors are added. The colors are arranged as small cubes to defeat the slugs and go on to the next level. The fiends and the slugs also come in different colors. They do not remain the same throughout the levels. The colors range from only red in the first level to blue, yellow, and red as you move up levels.

Not many game apps offer you daily gifts everyday. In “Best Fiends,” daily gifts happen everyday. Each day,  something different is given such as coins, energy to boost up fiends, etc. This includes even days that you do not play. The gifts provide help to the fiends to defeat the slugs in a faster way. Also, only a certain amount of moves are given to defeat the slug. The energy boost will give more power in the fiend to be able to defeat the slug in a faster way.

Some users may argue that the levels may be hard as one user states, “My only complaint is the difficulty of some of the levels. I get it’s supposed to be challenging, especially as you get into the must higher levels. But some just appear to be impossible which make achieving some goals very difficult.” I would have to disagree because the point of the hard levels is to be challenging and of very easy to pass. If the games are constantly easy, the users may find it boring to play. Like the user stated, the whole point is for the levels to be challenging. Some levels may be hard to pass because the fiends do not have enough power to defeat the slug.

  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
  • Cost: Free
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • In-app purchase: $0.99 to $99.99 per item