Bellemore: An Amazing Experience  

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Michael Medrano’20

The  Bellemore has outstanding food, unbeatable service, and good decor. It is a wonderful restaurant. Bellemore has amazing staff that will make your entire experience much better. Amazing food that would want to make you go back again, and the decor is amazing and modern. Bellemore is an American restaurant that has lots of dishes from pasta and duck, to steak and much more.


As soon as you arrive at Bellemore you are greeted by a host that will ask you if you have a reservation, once they have located your name they walk you to your table. Then your server will later come and greet you. The Service was amazing because of all the friendly staff. She kept me entertained with jokes and didn’t really treat me as just another customer, the server treated me as if I was one of her friends.


There are lots of different types of plates to choose from. The menu isn’t that big but also not that small. They offer different style of dishes. The food was amazing at Bellemore they offer a dish called the hawaiian rolls. It comes with this amazing butter that isn’t like the butter you can get at Walmart. It is very delicious. I also had a pasta and it had amazing flavors.


The Bellemore looks really modern considering they have only been open for just a few months. They have a large booth hardwood floor and amazing tables. The booths are especially amazing as they are very comfortable and they feel like a couch not like a seat. The Bellemore looks very clean and modern and although they have only been open for just a few months they have been able to maintain such a clean environment.

Bellemore is definitely a place to go check out it’s perfect for special occasions and will really make your night amazing. Just the food and the staff and the wonderful location pulls everything together and makes it  a good place to enjoy.

  • 564 W Randolph St.
  • Monday-Thursday and Sunday open from 5p.m.-10p.m.; Friday and Saturday 5p.m.-11p.m.
  • (312) 667-0104