Being an IB/AP student

Being an IB/AP student

By Stephanie Solis ’20

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have classes of Advanced Placement, AP, or an International Baccalaureate, IB. Are you thinking about how to get in? Well, for AP classes usually the students apply but from that point on it is up to someone to decide based on certain requirements. For IB, you need to have a good GPA and a decent rank.

As a senior, IB student, Brian Moro explained the challenges he overcomes, “One of them being the amount of material that we must learn in a given amount of time. Also, being a student athlete, I struggle with the amount of homework on top of showing up to soccer practice and getting home pretty late.”

Moro also mentioned that the only time he struggles with homework is when he has to study for big tests, but he usually does not have a lot of time because of afterschool activities or family events.

Additionally, he had certain dislikes and likes about his IB classes, “I do not like the fact that we have to learn so much in such little time when the material is very rigorous,” Moro stated.

I surprisingly like to learn a lot of it. These courses are really helping me to get ready for college,” Moro mentioned.

Similarly, a junior, who is enrolled in IB as well, Pricilla Segura stated, “I think I will struggle to maintain doing all my work and taking care of other responsibilities.”

Segura mentioned that the amount of homework given interferes with the amount of sleep she has. “I don’t really get the amount of sleep I would want. Also, the amount of homework makes me really stressful,” Segura mentioned.

Segura dislikes the pressure and likes how other teachers are comprehensive.

As sophomore Jocelyn Dominguez, who is enrolled in an AP class, explained, “I think I will struggle to maintain doing all my work and taking care of other responsibilities.”

“I spend most of my time outside of school doing homework; usually, I don’t go out, but now I really can’t go out even if I want to,” Dominguez mentioned.

Dominguez explained that the thing she dislikes is the amount of homework she has.

Dominguez also mentioned that the amount of homework interferes with her amount of sleep.

Mostly, all the students mentioned that the thing they struggle the most is the amount of homework interfering with their activities.

On the contrary, these students recommend getting into IB/AP classes because through all the hard work it is going to look good going towards college. Also, they recommend it because you do not have to take that certain class in college. The classes provide you with college credits. Would you like to join a class?