Baseball boys defeated by UIC

Hector Lopez, 44, batting during game vs. UIC College Prep.

By Skylah Martinez ’21 and Omar Miranda ’21

On Thursday, May 16th, the Baseball team faced UIC at Columbus Park. The game ended 10-0, with the boys losing yet another game. The game was not much action, for the season has not been a successful one at all.  This is not new for the baseball team of Pritzker, though.

UIC players were up first to bat. Coach, Andrew Wetmore, started Brandon Pina, Jaylen Suarez, Christian Bisono, George Quinonez, Allen Trinidad, Ricky Martinez, Hector Lopez, and Victor Degante for the top of the first inning.

The game started off slow. There was not much action yet, for the first inning was still pretty much a warm up for the players. After three strikes pitched by Pina, they went into the bottom of the first inning.

Some of the players were able to hit the ball, but UIC was able to pull off fast played allowing them to tag the boys out. For example, Bisono, a sophomore, was able to slam the ball in the second inning; however, UIC was quick on the field and really kept their eye on the ball allowing them to catch it and get him out.

There were a few more hits from some players, but none of them could make it to home—let alone first.  The players were frustrated by this, but they didn’t give up on the game.

Player Jose Chavez said, “Baseball has been a tough sport this year, but I feel our team could be really good for upcoming years.”

The record of the baseball team is current 0-8. Chavez said that although they haven’t won a game, the team still goes out there and puts their best effort no matter what. It’s also been a rough season because the games have been called off a lot due to poor weather.

Pina expressed that he’s not letting the bad season prevent him from playing in future years. He’s a pitcher for the team, and he believes that with some “light work” they can be taking all the “dubs.” Pina’s defense with holding off the ball was what kept the game a slow one on Thursday.

There were a lot of missed balls though starting towards the middle of the game. Players were letting balls just fly over their head. This allowed UIC players tag bases and score as much home runs as they did. Chavez stated, “Our team needs to work more on communication. That’s one thing that really affects us on the field.”

The lack of communication is very obvious while the players play. They do not have much of the team chemistry on the field, which leads to a lot of bad plays.

The boys were able to hold off many innings though. They did strike and tag players out. There was some moments where the game was starting to heat up and the audience was cheering in hope that Pritzker would score, but players were called out. UIC had good throws and were quick with their plays. The pitcher was also good at striking players out.

Suarez said that he was proud of the few catches he caught to call a player out, but feels he should’ve been quicker in order to steal multiple bases. The outfield players also let a lot of balls go over them, which allowed some home runs by UIC. They weren’t quick enough to tag players out.

The fifth inning was a rough one, the boys didn’t hit at all. They got strikes out pretty fast. The game felt long because there wasn’t much competition, but really the innings with Pritzker batting went by quick. The real thing was when UIC was up to bat and the audience dread seeing them hit yet another ball.

The baseball season has come to and end, but the Pritzker spirit has not. GO JAGS!