Bang Bang Pies & Biscuits: An expensive and overhyped place

Bang Bang Pies & Biscuits: An expensive and overhyped place

By Samantha Ortiz ’20

Bang Bang Pies & Biscuits is known for their pies, they also have a small variety of brunch items. There are three menus: biscuits, grits, and sweet pie. 

The location was very small and cramped in. There were only three tables, one full wall with stools, and two three-person tables attached to the wall facing a wall. They did have a patio, which will be nice to enjoy during the summer. 

I found it odd that, because they only have three tables, different groups of people sat at the same table. I witnessed two girls who asked to sit at a table with a group of three. They kindly agreed and even moved closer to the window in order for the duo to have easy access to be seated. 

The cashier had a very chill vibe. I did not get to interact with any of the workers except the waiter that brought my food as well as the cashier at the register. You have to clean and put your dish in the dirty dish bin.

I ordered their chicken pot pie, home fries, and coffee. The pot pie was very small, especially in regards to a normal personal size pot pie. Their fries’ size differs from normal fries. According to their delivery provider their fries have, “Roasted potatoes, garlic aioli, and feta cheese.” I, at first, thought the fries were vegan, thus thinking the cheese was tofu. The chicken pot pie had a very prominent onion flavor as well as small pieces of onion that I did not enjoy. The chicken was delicious, but the carrots were hard. It was mediocre and small especially for the price of $12.

However, many customers claimed “The food is top notch.” I do not agree with this statement their food was bland. All in all, I expected more from a restaurant with more than 4.6 stars. 

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