Australia dominates the Eagles in rugby

Australia dominates the Eagles in rugby

By Alexander Correa ’18 and Angel Zagal ’18

Pritzker students were taken to see the USA Eagles v.s Australian Wallabies rugby exhibition on Sept.  5 at 6 p.m. at Soldier Field stadium. The Wallabies dominated the Eagles in a 47-10 game.

According to both paraprofessional, Luriel Ocampo and Assistant  Dean of Culture, Mark  Williams, this dominant performance still became an amazing game. There were hard and brutal hits, great scrums, [the point in which both teams fight for possession of the ball], heated moments, an amazing atmosphere,  and even a few bloody noses.

At the start of the game, things were looking tremendous for the Eagles as they scored on their first try, which according to Ocampo was, “pretty awesome.”

There was some action at the start of the match, however, events took a turn for the worse as Eagles fans observed total domination in the second half of the game.

As the non stop game of rugby continued, the further away USA got from making a comeback. USA held on to a close game in the beginning, but after that it was a dominant performance by the Wallabies.

This exhibition match was an expected turnaround, according to Ocampo. The Wallabies are ranked second in the world and as the match went on people speculated why. According to Mr. Ocampo, “[I knew the Eagles were going to lose] because USA has a green rugby team.” In rugby terms “a green team” is a new or struggling team that has not been able to succeed. Since USA hadn’t been a developed team, they couldn’t keep up with the internationally number two ranked team in the rugby association.

Even though the Eagles lost, Ocampo explained how he enjoyed the match as it was really fun.  Ocampo stated, “I love rugby and just knowing the match was going to start got me really excited.” Being at a rugby game is a whole different environment for him and he thinks it’s an amazing experience.

Wondering why Pritzker students went to this game? The answer is simple.  According to  Williams, “[Going to the rugby game] was a fun experience and honestly, a good and fun saturday night.”  It wasn’t [an] event for the school to attend, rather, it was an event in which people were able to go to have a good time.

The rugby tickets were distributed by World History teacher Liam Lawson. He obtained these tickets since he is in a rugby team of his own and and according to Lawson, he received the tickets for free.

Tickets were up for grabs for any student who knew about the game, but the rugby team had first “dibs”  to the tickets since after all, this was a rugby game.

The game was sponsored by a “pharmaceutical company known as Astella” according to Williams.

The money raised by ticket purchases was donated to a charity for Prostate Cancer. Astella organized a time after the game to donate a check to a Prostate  Cancer organization. There isn’t really a reason in which the company did this but it was a “generous check” at the very least.