Attention all anime fans!

The unofficial Anime Club logo Photo Credit: Alondra Obispo

By Angel Olanda ’17


If you are into anime or want to learn more about the anime world, this year is going to be awesome for all you anime fans. On Oct. 21, Anime club opened its doors to everyone of all grades, to come join their club.

The dedicated students and teacher who made this club happen are Multicultural Literature teacher, 10th grade resource teacher, and Cross Country coach, Steven Hull who is currently the sponsor of the club along with three other Juniors that lead the club. Alyssa Barrera is the club president, Veronica de la Mora is the club vice president, and Jennifer Caraballo is the treasurer, so if any further questions regarding the club, please contact them.

Activities and expectations for the club are mostly minimal and easy. Some activities planned so far would be to work as teams to hopefully create a manga and also watch some of the more popular and appropriate anime shows. Certain snacks of your own are also acceptable to bring as long as they follow the Pritzker guidelines. More suggested activities and or ideas for the club are still accepted to take into consideration by members.  

Coming into Pritzker, Barrera expressed she “was disappointed to find out that an Anime club hadn’t already been made.” Something had to be done and Barrera, de la Mora, and Caraballo took stand and made this club happen.

However, making Anime club happen was not an easy process according to Barrera. She mentioned that the club was initially proposed for last year, but “the idea never really came together.” Hoping the club will last a great amount of time, the leaders for now are just happy that the club is now up and running. More than satisfied, the informational meetings so far were of great success as big amounts of students showed up to them.

Gathering some student reactions interested in joining, Junior Alondra Obispo expressed she is delighted with the idea of this club coming into effect as well as hopefully getting to “learn more about the Japanese  culture” through this club. Others like Junior Jose Ramirez, mentioned he joined the club to learn more about the anime world as he and maybe others might be “still relatively new to it.”