Athletes and their superstitions

Screenshot of Jordan wearing North Carolina shorts under his bulls uniform.

       By Oscar Comas ’17


Picture yourself in the super bowl. One game elimination. Win or go home. Millions of fans are watching from around the world. You could feel the pressure some of the pros feel. However, you have a special secret. Your lucky socks have never failed you.

Every time you wear them, your performance is boosted. Of course, there’s no evidence to prove anyone that it’s your socks, but you think it’s true in your head.

  Things like this happen all the time for athletes. Anything that makes them feel better is something to keep. If you haven’t noticed already, people all over the sports department do it all the time. From the Pritzker football team to the NBA, superstitions have became a big thing in the sporting industry.

People like Jason Terry, who is a part of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, says that he wears 5 different pairs of socks to every game. Why? No one knows. That’s the thing about superstitions. No one knows how it came out up or how the players chose to stick with it. It sort of just happened.

The greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, even had his own superstition. Jordan would wear his college basketball shorts under his uniform because he believed it brought him luck. This had to be true. That year, Jordan took his team to their sixth championship, and began to get selected as the finals MVP. The pros bring an enormous amount of influence into the children watching others play. Since then, the act of superstitions is only natural to many athletes to make themselves feel the most confident while performing.

Not only do the professional athletes do it, but high school athletes have superstitions as well. “Before every game, I wear my lucky lineman gloves. We won the championship when I bought these, so I have that same confidence in me,” stated Michael Smart, a senior. Smart isn’t the only athlete that has a special pair of gloves.

“I wear my lucky batting glove to every baseball game. When I bought this, I hit my first triple in little league. Since then, I have been keeping these old things by my side whenever I need a confidence booster,” explained Benny Delgado, a senior.

Wearing something that gives people a lot of confidence during the games can have a big impact on what the athlete does on the field. “I feel weird every time I don’t have my gloves,” stated Delgado.

Throughout the athletic industry, people do all kinds of weird things to make sure their focus is on the field.