Artificial Intelligence in Education

Siri on IPhone Photo credit: Analisa Burgos

Analisa Burgos ’18


By reading the title you might be wondering “what is artificial intelligence?” Well, artificial intelligence is having computer systems perform tasks that usually would require human intelligence. An example of this used in every iphone users life, Siri. With a simple push of a button, Siri is ready to respond to  any command or question.

The  world today is used much on artificial intelligence, but a category that artificial intelligence has lacked on is education.

In an article written by Barbara Kurshan, who focuses all her articles on investing in education, she mentioned that “Woolf, et al., (2013) proposed some “grand challenges” that artificial intelligence in education should work to address.” These challenges include: virtual mentors for every learner, addressing 21st century skills, analysis of of interaction data, and provide opportunities for global classrooms.  

Even though artificial intelligence has lacked in the education category that does not mean that nothing is being done. According to Kurshan, over the last decade, applications of artificial intelligence have addressed several challenges of learning. The Intelligent Tutor Systems have been developed. This is a computer software that is able to trace the thinking process of the student and see where the learners understanding are.  This learning system also allows the learner to obtain different learning activities that are difficult based off the learners skills.

How can this system benefit schools, or even students in general? Well, this system will not only let the student see where they are but will also show the teachers as well. Sure physical tests can show what students struggle with, but having a software system that will allow you to physically see your students learning abilities can further improve teaching strategies in the future. Also, every student is at a different pace and think differently this system can challenge students that are struggling and can help them grow mentally.

How do you feel about artificial intelligence in education? Will it benefit us, or will it just bring us into a deeper sinkhole as a society?